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New specialised course: Authentic Collaboration

Image banner, people gathered around a table with a text heading to the side saying authentic collaboration

Learn how to engage authentically at Collaborate on the IAP2 Spectrum.

An IAP2 Australasia specialised course, in partnership with Twyfords.

The step to Collaborate from Involve is a significant one and often misunderstood by decision-makers and engagement practitioners alike.

Build your understanding of what is required to deliver engagement projects that are authentically at Collaborate on the IAP2 Spectrum in this specialised course.

This masterclass program puts flesh on the bones of collaboration, clarifies when and why to collaborate – and when and why not to – and will provide you with the most important insights into how to make it work efficiently and effectively.

Drawing on the combined practical experiences of the Twyfords team, this program explores best-practice and theory from around the world.

Explore a unique range of tools that have been proven on many complex collaborative projects to better understand what genuine collaboration looks like. Practice a range of skills that are key to making collaboration work and learn how to build a collaborative mindset over time.