Welcome to IAP2 TV! We will be bringing you new videos regularly with wisdom, tips and food-for-thought from our ‘Giants’ in the industry, Core Values Awards winners and finalists and general interest pieces from the studio. Stay tuned…

Tales with Giants

Wellbeing and the Engagement Practitioner

Episode 1 with Joel Levin

Joel discusses why wellbeing and self-care is particularly important for engagement practitioners, providing his thoughts and advice along with key tips to looking after yourself.

In the studio

Feel the burn! Managing burnout as a community engagement practitioner

Rebecca Spencer

Protests, picket lines and personal attacks. Rebecca discusses her thoughts and ideas on reducing and managing burnout amongst engagement practitioners while still ensuring true engagement with our communities.

Core Values Awards catch up

Dengue Out Program Northern Peninsula Area Cape York Qld

Tracey Wilson, Indigenous Project Winner

Tracey Wilson, Working Visions talks about the 2019 Core Values Awards winning project, Dengue Out Program Northern Peninsula Area Cape York Qld, sharing tips, insights and advice for other practitioners.