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Authentic Collaboration

Learn how to engage authentically at Collaborate on the IAP2 Spectrum.

An IAP2 Australasia specialised course, in partnership with Twyfords.

The step to Collaborate from Involve is a significant one and often misunderstood by decision-makers and engagement practitioners alike.

Build your understanding of what is required to deliver engagement projects that are authentically at Collaborate on the IAP2 Spectrum in this specialised course.

This masterclass program puts flesh on the bones of collaboration, clarifies when and why to collaborate – and when and why not to – and will provide you with the most important insights into how to make it work efficiently and effectively.

Drawing on the combined practical experiences of the Twyfords team, this program explores best-practice and theory from around the world.

Explore a unique range of tools that have been proven on many complex collaborative projects to better understand what genuine collaboration looks like. Practice a range of skills that are key to making collaboration work and learn how to build a collaborative mindset over time.

Course outcomes

  • Understand the collaborative co-design process.
  • Identify when and why to collaborate; and when and why not to.
  • Understand the role of skills and mindset required.
  • Be able to define collaboration and explain to clients and stakeholders why and how it is qualitatively different to other levels on the IAP2 Spectrum.
  • Able to use a unique set of tools to complete key steps in the collaborative process.

Who is this course for?

Experienced practitioners looking to broaden their competencies and confidence will benefit from this program.



Take a look at the IAP2A training calendar to view available dates. Search via module ‘Authentic Collaboration’.

10am – 3pm AEDT (includes technical onboarding and breaks).


  • $495 AUD Members including GST 
  • $625 AUD Non-members including GST 

About the Trainer

Stuart Waters
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Stuart Waters

Stuart Waters is Managing Director at Twyfords, a business that has been pushing the engagement boundaries for more than 30 years. Stuart has done his time designing and leading a diverse range of community engagement programmes and
has been fortunate to have been involved in some innovative deliberative processes. He has been a licensed IAP2 trainer and co-authored Twyfords’ first book; Beyond Public Meetings, connecting community engagement with decision-making.

In 2010 Twyfords made the strategic decision to focus on the Collaborate end of the IAP2 Spectrum. Since then Stuart and his colleagues have been on a fascinating and educational journey into the what, why and how of authentic collaboration.
Stuart and the Twyfords team have created and applied unique frameworks to help people work together on difficult problems, captured in Twfyfords’ second book; The Power of Co, a smart leaders guide to collaborative governance.

A number of Stuart’s projects have won awards for collaborative engagement, including the IAP2 Core Values Award. At the same time, the journey has taken Twyfords ‘upstream’ so that Stuart and the team now do most of their work inside  organisations, focussing on building the ‘collaborative muscles’ of leaders and teams who seek to work with their stakeholders, not do things to them. Stuart is a strategic advisor, coach and trainer, helping clients build the tools, skills and mindsets of collaboration, using Twyfords own collaborative project guide and suite of tools.

Apart from raising a family, Stuart’s other collaborations include playing music in a number of bands and co-founding a unique political party designed to bring the principles of collaboration and mutual trust into the halls of our Federal Parliament.

What participants have said about our virtual classroom

Engagement Design

“Again, the IAP2 team has knocked concept of online training out of the park. Well and truly beyond expectations for an online training.” 

Engagement Design

“The facilitation was really well managed. This meant the pace felt right, and we really got a lot done in the time we had.” 

Engagement Essentials

“The delivery was well beyond expectations, and frankly, a new benchmark for online engagement.” 

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