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New Curriculum 2023 FAQs

When will the new courses be available for registration?

The three core courses, Essentials of Engagement, Design and Plan Engagement, and Apply Engagement Methods will be available from February 2023. The elective courses will be available from March 2023 and other advanced engagement training will be introduced and developed for experienced practitioners to enhance their skills over time. 

Why are you changing the curriculum?

Authentic engagement is what we are all about and a key part of this is consistently engaging with our learners. Listening to learners’ feedback has helped us enhance the curriculum to ensure we continue to deliver contemporary engagement practice.

At the end of 2021, IAP2 International introduced the Global Learning Pathway (GLP). The new IAP2 Australasia curriculum complements the GLP and includes updated, newly developed content to ensure delivery of a curriculum that is relevant for the Australasian region.

To ensure that engagement practitioners and organisations in the Australasian market successfully develop, deliver and lead authentic engagement processes it is essential that IAP2 Australasia remains at the forefront of delivering training that complements and enhances contemporary engagement practice.

The new curriculum is an evolution of the current materials and ensures that IAP2 Australasia continues to be committed to enhancing and improving engagement practice for current and future professionals.

What do I need to do to obtain the Certificate of Engagement under the new curriculum?

The Essentials of Engagement course is the pre-requisite course and must be completed first before any other courses. You can then follow two pathways:

The Core Pathway, where you complete all three core courses, Essentials of Engagement, Design and Plan Engagement, and Apply Engagement Methods.

The Core and Electives Pathway, as detailed in the diagram below:

If you are new to IAP2 Australasia and are not sure if you want to complete the Certificate but are interested in completing an IAP2 Australasia course, you must first complete the Essentials of Engagement course as a prerequisite to taking other courses.

What courses are being offered as part of the new Curriculum?

There are three core courses and six electives:

Is there a timeframe on how long I should take to complete the new Certificate of Engagement?

No. There is currently no timeframe for completion of the new Certificate of Engagement.

Do I have to complete a certain course first?

Yes. If you have not completed any training with IAP2 previously, you will need to complete the Essentials of Engagement course first. This course goes through the foundations of engagement and introduces you to models and frameworks that are explained in more detail in the other courses. 

Do I have to attend all modules / sessions for each course?

Yes, attendance and active participation in all modules and sessions for each course is required to receive a Certificate of Completion for an individual course.

Will the new courses be available for Virtual and Face-to-Face delivery?

We will be offering virtual delivery for the new courses in 2023. We are still working on the details for offering Face-to-Face delivery and may not offer this until later in 2023. Please refer to the Training Calendar for the latest dates and delivery format for the new courses. 

Will there be a price increase associated with the introduction of the new courses?

No. The cost of the new courses will remain unchanged during the 2022/23 financial year.

I couldn’t attend Day 2 of my course. How do I make up my course when it is no longer offered?

You will be required to complete the two full days of the new course, as the content may have changed from the previous course. There will be no additional cost to undertake the new course.

If I completed Engagement Essentials in 2014, does this still count towards RPL? Is there a cut-off date on past courses?

Any courses completed prior to June 2014 will not count towards RPL. If your intention is to continue to complete the Certificate of Engagement and you have completed your Engagement Essentials course prior to June 2014, you can either complete the Certificate of Engagement under the current curriculum requirements up until the end of the 2022 academic year or undertake the new Essentials of Engagement course that will replace Engagement Essentials from early 2023.

Do retired courses count towards RPL, like Online Engagement?

Anything completed prior to June 2014 will not count towards RPL.

What is the points conversion for courses – Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points?

The following is the new pathway for completion of the IAP2 Australasia Certificate of Engagement:

How do I view my training record for both past courses I have completed and new courses?

You can access your training records via the IAP2A Community Portal under ‘My Activities’.

How can I reference my achievement?

Upon completion of the Certificate of Engagement, participants are entitled to receive a Certificate of Completion from IAP2 Australasia, and whilst this provides the opportunity to inform others that you have achieved or completed the IAP2 Australasia Certificate of Engagement, you are unable to use the terms “accredited”, “certified” or “endorsed” regardless of IAP2 membership level or training undertaken.