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IAP2 Public Participation Spectrum

IAP2’s Public Participation Spectrum is designed to assist with the selection of the level of participation that defines the public’s role in any community engagement program.

The Spectrum show that differing levels of participation are legitimate depending on the goals, time frames, resources and levels of concern in the decision to be made. However, and most importantly, the Spectrum sets out the promise being made to the public at each participation level. The Spectrum is widely used and is quoted in most community engagement manuals.

IAP2 Spectrum

Guidelines for Use

Basic ethics and courtesy require that a clear acknowledgement of the International Association for Public Participation – IAP2 International, as the source for this information is required in all cases. To use, copy or reproduce the Spectrum, you are required to submit a written request to the IAP2 International Executive Director: iap2hq@iap2.org. To facilitate your request, kindly complete the application form and submit it to IAP2HQ for consideration.

Please ensure that written permission is requested from IAP2 International who remains the custodian of this material, and that you are granted permission prior to you proceeding to use, copy or reproduce this material. It should be clearly understood that failure to request permission, as well as to give due recognition to the IAP2 International as the source and the custodian of this body of intellectual knowledge will be considered unethical and unacceptable.

Kindly note that there is an Applicable Fee for Permission to Use. If you are a not-for-profit community organisation or educational institution, the fee will be waived (no fees). If you are a for-profit or business entity, IAP2 International will invoice you for fees for each use you make of any of these materials.

Lastly, in a case where you wish to modify our materials and prepare adaptations to suit your client or constituency needs, we will review your request carefully, consult with the authors of this work when necessary, and inform you of the IAP2 International decision.

IAP2 International maintains a record of all those individuals, organisations and institutions globally whom it grants permission.

We encourage all those who have failed to seek the necessary permissions, to do so at the earliest possible opportunity.