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Individual Membership

Joining IAP2 Australasia is an investment in your professional future.

Join IAP2 Australasia today and connect with a thriving community of engagement professionals across Australia, New Zealand, and beyond. As an IAP2 Australasia Individual Member, you gain access to the essential tools, resources, and professional development opportunities needed to stay at the forefront of the community and stakeholder engagement sector.

Unlock Your Potential

  • Access Essential Training: Advance your skills with IAP2 Australasia’s comprehensive skills-based training and highly regarded Certificate of Engagement program, available at special member discounts.
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: Engage with a curated selection of industry publications and member-only free and discounted events, designed to keep you informed and proactive in the fast-evolving field of engagement.
  • Boost Productivity and Efficiency: Utilise our extensive library of resources, tools, case studies, and research, including the Engagement Methods Tool (EMT), all tailored to help you to bring people together, share information, collect feedback and ultimately, make better decisions.

Know the Right People

  • Be Part of a Vibrant Community: Become part of a supportive network of over 15,000 engagement professionals, and experience the strength of a community united by shared values, goals and commitment.
  • Grow Your Professional Network: Forge valuable connections with employers, mentors, and collaborators across the globe. Enhance your career and enrich your professional life through collaborative projects and shared knowledge, including mentorship and leadership programs for professional growth.
  • Shape the Future of Engagement: Influence the future of engagement by participating in IAP2 Australasia working groups and communities of practice, where your insights can drive industry standards and innovations.

Amplify Your Impact

  • Establish Professional Credibility: Demonstrate your commitment to excellence by using IAP2 Australasia post-nominals and the IAP2 Australasia member logo, enhancing your professional credibility within the industry.
  • Build your Personal Brand: Increase your visibility through impactful presentations at conferences and contributions to key publications, showcasing your expertise and innovative approaches.
  • Celebrate Your Achievements: Engage with the community through participation in the Core Values Awards, an opportunity to highlight and celebrate the effectiveness and innovation of your work, setting you apart as a leader in the field.

For Students

  • Start Strong in Your Career: Tap into our career hub and discounted training resources to build a solid foundation in engagement.
  • Join a Community of Emerging Practitioners: Connect with peers and mentors in the Young and Emerging Practitioner Community of Practice, a supportive environment for your early career stages.
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For Professionals

  • Deeply Engage: Dive into local network events, take on volunteer roles, or speak at IAP2A gatherings to actively shape the engagement community.
  • Lead and Influence the Industry: Take on leadership roles such as board member or licensed trainer to directly impact the development of engagement practices.

Individual Membership Terms and Conditions

  • IAP2 Australasia’s Individual Membership’s non-transferable benefits include up to 20% discount off IAP2 Australasia training programs, local and national events and the opportunity to collaborate with peers through working groups and communities of practice to develop insights and stay ahead of the game.
  • IAP2 Australasia’s membership year follows an anniversary membership cycle (one year from your official join date), with subsequent renewals due on each anniversary date thereafter.
  • Student Memberships are available to students currently enrolled in full-time tertiary study and not working full-time. Please note if you select this membership category, you will be asked to email verification of your full-time student status to obtain access to your IAP2 Australasia student membership. For more information visit Student Membership page.