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Evaluate Engagement

Learn how to deliver meaningful and purposeful evaluation for engagement

The Evaluate Engagement course will help engagement practitioners develop their critical thinking about what works most effectively and what doesn’t, so that they can evaluate and report on their engagement process with confidence.

Evaluate Engagement is one of the six elective courses available as part of the IAP2 Australasia Certificate of Engagement. You must complete the Essentials of Engagement course prior to undertaking this or any other course.

This course is suitable for engagement practitioners with two or more years’ experience in engagement.

The aim of Evaluate Engagement is to assist engagement practitioners evaluate both the engagement process and the engagement outcomes for an engagement project or program.

The course includes:

  • Evaluation models and evaluation challenges
  • Completion of an Evaluation Plan template
  • Interpreting the Evaluation Framework
  • What does evaluation mean for practitioners and our audiences?

Upon completion of this course you will be able to define the purpose of your evaluation, scope your evaluation and develop an effective evaluation framework to deliver an evaluation plan for your engagement projects or programs.  

Why train with IAP2 Australasia

The IAP2 Australasia Certificate of Engagement is increasingly becoming the standard employers look for when hiring community engagement practitioners.

You will gain access to the right tools, resources and proven methods while connecting with other experts and organisations through continuous education with IAP2 Australasia.

IAP2 Australasia provides well-respected and industry-leading training in community and stakeholder engagement. Our training is tailored for all levels of education and experience, from the first time engager to managers and decision makers who benefit from quality engagement processes.

The benefits of IAP2 Australasia training:

  • Practical knowledge and theory delivered in an inclusive training environment
  • Training is participatory and experiential, with lots of positive interaction between participants from a diverse range of backgrounds
  • Materials are contextualised for Australia and New Zealand
  • All trainers are experienced trainers AND practitioners, able to reflect on current and real-world examples
  • Flexible learning pathways for participants ensuring that all training is relevant and applicable
  • Certificate in Engagement is recognised as the standard for engagement professionals
  • All participants receive a quality training manual, with access to additional resources via our online forum (where applicable)
  • All training delivered in professional training environments, in close proximity to public transport options

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Find out more information on the IAP2A Certificate of Engagement, In-House Training and our Licensed Trainers.

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