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IAP2A Annual Report

Recap on IAP2 Australasia’s previous achievements and challenges, stories from you – our IAP2A engagement community, training and member updates and financial reports.

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2022 - 2023 Annual Report

2022 – 2023 IAP2A Annual Report

The financial year ending 30 June 2023 was a year of investment at IAP2 Australasia, which is continuing into the current financial year. It was a year that we were able to invest in new initiatives for our members, a new curriculum for Australasia and the underlying resources to support a growing membership and engagement sector with greater confidence as we have all adapted to the COVID normal era.

We now have over 14,000 members across Australia and New Zealand, being almost 13% growth – which we believe reflects the growing recognition and value of the work you do as an engagement professional and
the difference you make.

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2021 Annual report

2021 – 2022 IAP2A Annual Report

It is a pleasure to once again take this annual pause to reflect on another challenging year, but one with much to celebrate at IAP2 Australasia and the great strides being made towards the professionalisation and recognition of the engagement sector. This is being reflected in the continued increase in membership, with IAP2 Australasia now having more than 12,000 members. 

There is genuine growth and recognition of the need for authentic engagement across a wide range of sectors and industries. 

We are now entering a new post COVID world where traditional business practices have been challenged and re-written – engagement has not escaped. IAP2 Australasia has lifted to this new challenge, and we are stronger than ever with post-nominals being launched, a growing suite of online resource tools, and partnerships in the tertiary sector. Plus, we are in the process of revitalising our training offering, working with our global partners, to deliver new contemporary training that will have global accreditation with IAP2. 

As an organisation we continue to grow and thrive. We have a growing membership up 1,575 on last year, our revenue as increased by 42% to $4.98M restoring it to our pre-COVID growth expectations. Our team is growing, and we are delivering on member value and continuing to strive for excellence. 

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2021 Annual report

2020 – 2021 IAP2A Annual Report

As we finish the 2020-2021 financial year, we reflect on an incredibly challenging year and how throughout Australia and New Zealand we have all responded to so many unknowns: a reversal of globalisation, a paradigm shift in the workplace and what the world of work looks like, and we have all become very proficient with technology as virtual meetings become our norm. Of course, all of this presents major challenges and opportunities across the globe where reaching people is crucial.

The ongoing challenge of COVID-19 impacts on our health and well-being, and other concerning events and behaviours highlight that quality engagement is needed now more than ever and is in fact critical to support our economic recovery.

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2019 - 2020 Annual Report cover page

2019 – 2020 IAP2A Annual Report

The last 12 months have seen one of the greatest global challenges our generation has faced. Borders have closed, industries shut down and people’s lives and livelihood threatened by COVID-19.

As a member-focused organisation our priority has been to support the most important people. You, our members. Like so many organisations in Australia, and globally, IAP2 was dramatically affected with our core business of face-to-face  activities – including member events, conferences, professional development and training – suddenly halted.

I am immensely proud to report that IAP2 has not only faced these challenges head on, but has stepped up and focused on how we support our members by shifting to forge and set the benchmark through innovation, hard work and embracing engagement and collaboration.

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2018 - 2019 Annual report cover

2018 – 2019 IAP2A Annual Report

2018-2019 was a dynamic year of growth for IAP2 Australasia and I would like to thank my fellow Board members and a very committed management team for their hard work.

This year the Board and management team have worked alongside many of our members to strengthen engagement opportunities across Australasia and plan for a stronger future as a truly global association. We have also worked to continue to position IAP2 Australasia as the peak body for engagement in Australia and New Zealand, partnering with other organisations to advocate for our profession and support recognition of the practice.

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