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IAP2A Constitution and Board Charter

The International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) is a global member association which seeks to promote and improve the practice of public participation or community and stakeholder engagement. The organisation incorporates individuals, governments, institutions and other entities that affect the public interest throughout the world.

As the peak body for the community and stakeholder engagement sector, IAP2 Australasia, believes that engagement, when done well, improves social, environmental and economic outcomes and increases trust in the democratic process.


IAP2 Australasia Constitution

The Constitution is the key governance document for the company.

The Constitution sets out the Principal Purpose for which the Company is established and maintained, namely to; advance the education of the community by teaching and communicating the principles of public participation and how to achieve effective community and stakeholder engagement (or public participation).

Read a copy of the IAP2 Australasia Constitution

IAP2 Australasia Board Charter

This Board Charter sets out the function, duties and responsibilities of the Board of directors (the Board) and of the management of IAP2A.

The Board of directors will regularly review and update this Charter to ensure it remains appropriate to the needs of IAP2A.

Read a copy of the Board Charter