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Local Networks

Local Networks across Australia and New Zealand are an integral part of IAP2 Australasia’s offering.

IAP2 Australasia is committed to supporting community and stakeholder engagement professionals by providing networking and professional development opportunities with other industry professionals in their local area. Events range from casual coffee catchups, presentations from industry leaders, workshops and masterclasses. By working together at both the local and national level, we can better move our profession forward.

If you are keen to get connected with other professionals in your area through an already established network or would like to explore the opportunity to initiate a network in your area please contact us via membership@iap2.org.au.

Local Network Events

Take part in Local Network events in your area to connect with other practitioners.

Get support for a Local Network activity or event

IAP2 Australasia has established a Grants Fund to facilitate local network activities and events. The yearly budget allocation for the Grants Fund is subject to approval by the IAP2 Australasia Board as part of the annual budget process.

Funding is available for Local Networks to support events and activities such as seminars, webinars, professional development, hosted panel discussions and networking get togethers. Local Networks are invited to complete the online form detailing their event for submission and review by IAP2 Australasia.

We are always looking for new ideas and ways to support our community.


Who can apply for funding?

Funding is available to Local Networks to support social and professional development activities and events. Applications for funding should be submitted for consideration by IAP2 Australasia no less than fourteen (14) days prior to the planned activity or event. Applications for retrospectively held activities or events will not be accepted.


Criteria for Local Network grants fund

Submissions for grants can be for any local network activity or event, provided that the following criteria are met:

  1. The purpose for which funds are sought must be specific, with the primary objective being to support the network of practitioners in your local area, and may extend to coverage of administrative costs.
  2. Funding can be sought by two or more Local Networks for joint local network activities or events.
  3. Funding will not be provided for projects that duplicate central IAP2 Australasia activities/events and resources.
  4. A single request shall not exceed AU$500. Any requests exceeding the maximum amount will be considered in exceptional circumstances only.
  5. Grant Funding received must be acknowledged (e.g., “This event was supported by IAP2 Australasia Grant Fund”).
  6. The Local Network Coordinator, or nominated person, applying for funding on behalf of their respective Local Network must be an IAP2 Australasia financial member.
  7. A summary of the activity/event and photographs (if available), suitable for publication, must be submitted to IAP2 Australasia for inclusion in their e-newsletters, website and to report on the Local Network activities.

Criteria as at October 2021.

Review process

Applications will be reviewed by a Review Panel comprising of representatives from IAP2 Australasia and which may include other key stakeholders. The decisions of IAP2 Australasia are final. 

That’s a wrap

Local Network Coordinators, or nominated persons, are asked to fill an online submission form to apply for funding. If you have any questions, please email us at membership@iap2.org.au

That’s a wrap

Read about past events, results and insights from a range of Local Network events.

Sink or swim: a freestyle success

Sink or swim: a freestyle success

On Thursday 16 May, about 45 Brisbane engagement professionals came together to discuss the important topic of how to manage your team’s mental health when in challenging situations with stakeholders and the community. Facilitator and long standing IAP2 board member Joel Levin, led us through a type of focused conversation known as a table of contemplation – our small groups worked through a series of stages of exploration and dialogue.

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What you had to say


“This event was by far the best networking event I have been to. From the moment I walked in, I felt very welcome and I was really impressed with how the night ran.”


“Great to have the opportunity to engage with other community engagement representatives. I enjoyed the presentation. Having different venues and places is a great idea.”


“A really interesting evening with actionable content.”


“It was great to hear the personal experiences from the panel and the networking opportunities during lunch are also great.”


“The event was well structured and the guest speaker was engaging. I appreciated the Q&A after the presentation, some very good questions and great responses.”


“Enjoyed hearing about a practical and successful implementation of engagement. Great that they were willing to share insights and personal experience so the rest of us could learn something. Wasn’t just superficial information.”


“I was impressed with the panel discussion and the willingness for audience members to ask questions. This made the event effective and enabled healthy discussion between the audience panel.”


“The guest speaker was excellent. She was interesting and engaging and I liked how informal it was.”


“Great case study and knowledge sharing.”