In-House & Private Training

Are you looking to build engagement capacity across your team or organisation?

In-house or private training options can offer a customised solution. This means that you can train your team, all together, at your location and at a time that suits your organisation.

IAP2 Australasia offers all our highly-regarded community and stakeholder engagement modules and electives for in-house or private training delivery.

Many modules can even contribute towards our Certificate program!

Benefits of In-House training

  • Convenience – training at your location, on a day that suits your organisation (subject to trainer availability).
  • Personalised – many modules can be personalised to include your organisation’s case studies and frameworks.
  • Certified training – most trainings are a core module or an elective of our Certificate in Engagement. Those participants who wish to continue their studies will still receive full credit for in-house training.
  • Licensed trainers – all our training is completed by our expert licensed IAP2 Australasia trainers. In-house training is the same quality training that you know and expect. You can even request your choice of trainer, subject to their availability.
  • Team building – not only do all your team participate, but it is training that will have your team working together and engaging with each other.
  • Savings – in-house training is generally more cost effective per participant than sending team members to our public courses. Member training discounts rates also apply.

Next Steps…

Simply organise 10 or more team members (maximum of 25) to undertake the training, provide a location for the training and catering for the day.

We will do the rest.

If you need help building the numbers of participants we are happy to help you with this.

Our in-house training is available across Australia and New Zealand and in both metropolitan and country areas.

This is a great opportunity to receive quality training and have your organisation engaging on a whole new level.

For further information or a proposal for in-house training please contact us via email at or by phoning: (AU) 1300 436 424 or (NZ) 0800 436 424.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does IAP2 offer training in-house?


What are the minimum and maximum participants for in house training?

The training works best when you have a minimum of 10 participants. You can have a maximum of 25 participants per session.

What modules are available in-house?

All of our training modules can be delivered in-house. This includes all the modules from the Certificate in Engagement.

Where can we hold in-house training?

We deliver our in-house training almost anywhere in Australia and New Zealand. We will work with you to bring the training to your organisation, so that your team can train together.

If you are in a regional area and don’t have enough participants, please contact us and we will work with you to link other groups/participants to bring about the training in your region.

How much does in-house training cost compared to public training?

Depending on the number of participants, the in-house training generally costs less than sending your participants individually to training. By using a location convenient to you and your team, you can also save the cost of travel and accommodation.

How do we get a proposal for in-house training?

Please contact us via email at or by phoning: (AU) 1300 436 424 or (NZ) 0800 436 424.