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Young & Emerging Practitioners

IAP2 Australasia is committed to supporting community and stakeholder engagement professionals by providing networking and professional development opportunities with other industry professionals.

Who are we

IAP2A Young & Emerging Practitioners is a vibrant and energetic group that endeavours to support practitioners in the early stages of their career development, giving them the opportunity to extend their network, expand their skills and knowledge, and develop their personal brand in the industry.

To connect and be part of our community make sure you join our Young & Emerging Practitioners LinkedIn group.

2019 IAP2A Sydney Conference break

What we do

We are a group of engagement practitioners 35 years of age or under, or with 5 years or less experience in engagement or a related practice, aspiring to develop a planned program of activities and experiences especially for this segment of our membership.

Our working group meets 6-weekly to discuss issues of relevance to the young and emerging engagement practitioners, plan upcoming events, and develop ways to assist other young engagement professionals feel connected and supported.


Shoshanna Berry Porter

Shoshanna Berry Porter

I am a communications and engagement consultant at Articulous. I have had the privilege of working on a range of engagement projects, both big and small, across all levels of government, and in the private sector.

One of the most rewarding experiences in my career so far was when I had the opportunity to engage with communities impacted by flooding. Listening to the stories of those affected reminded me how resilient we are as a nation. It was also an incredible learning experience, highlighting just how valuable community insights are.

I am passionate about delivering strategic stakeholder and community engagement programs that provide value for everybody involved. I believe engagement is only meaningful when it is designed with equity, diversity, and inclusion at its core.

Many of the skills I use in my engagement career can be traced back to my time as a music teacher. As an educator, I had the privilege of working with students from all walks of life to build their confidence and improve their skills. I believe this experience gave me the ability to deeply connect with others in the work I do now.

Beyond my professional life, I am a foster mum to cats and kittens in need. Over the last 5 years I have fostered almost 40 cats, giving them a roof over their heads, and much needed snuggles until they find their forever homes. When I’m not with my feline friends, you’ll find me exploring brunch spots around Melbourne.

Shaylee Cowan

Alexandra King

I’m Alexandra and I’m a Engagement and Change Advisory Consultant with Aurecon in Brisbane. As a former mechanical engineer, my experience ranges for resources, motorcycle design and overhead wiring engineering. Drawing upon my unique engineering background, I work closely with clients to engagement the community and key stakeholders.

I am passionate about collaboration and am exploring the use of data driven solutions to enhance my project work. My notable experiences include a short-term student exchange at the Berlin School of Economics and Law, where I studied international business and the German language, and a six-month internship with BMW Motorrad in Berlin.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time being active with family, friends and my dachshund.

Estelle Tsaur image

Estelle Tsaur

I am a curious mind with a passion for communications, innovation and transdisciplinary collaboration. With a background in public relations and creative innovation I have a determination to see the possibilities, perspectives and practices of different sectors, communities, and industries. I am passionate about innovation, creativity and purpose driven work as I enjoy researching, breaking down and looking at complex problems and sectors from a multitude of perspectives.

This has led me to begin a career at Aurecon as a community and stakeholder engagement consultant shortly after graduation. I believe that people and communication are essential to stimulating innovation and creativity in any industry. I want to be able to continue to learn about anything and everything.

Marlee Wendt

Marlee Wendt

Hi there, I’m Marlee and I’m a communications and engagement professional from Brisbane currently working at RPS. Over the past six years I’ve been a trusted partner and storyteller for some of Queensland’s largest projects including the Logan Enhancement Project and Gateway Upgrade North, SEQ City Deal, and even launching the autonomous air-taxi industry in Australia. Recently I joined RPS, where I’m hoping to expand my sector experience into energy, master planning and water. I’m passionate about creating positive community outcomes, developing strong and meaningful relationships, managing complex issues, and playing my part in making the communities we live in, better. When I’m not working, you can catch me outside enjoying everything south-east Queensland has to offer – from hitting a Gold Coast beach, riding motorbikes in the Scenic Rim or bush walking in the Glasshouse Mountains.

How to contact us

For feedback, input, ideas or further information please contact us at: yeps@iap2.org.au

Upcoming events

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