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As the peak body for the community and stakeholder engagement sector IAP2 Australasia provides skills-based learning to people and organisations on what they need to know and do, so that they can successfully develop, deliver, and lead authentic engagement processes.

By completing the IAP2 Australasia Certificate of Engagement and the other skills-based and specialised courses with IAP2 Australasia, participants will achieve learning outcomes that improve performance on the job, as well as improve the quality of engagement processes and outcomes.

The IAP2 Australasia community engagement training curriculum extends engagement knowledge and practice, has been built on research and developed to meet the needs of the sector and industry, and provides a planned and proactive learning pathway. It is delivered by licensed IAP2 Australasia trainers who are highly experienced Engagement Professionals.


The benefits of IAP2 Australasia training:

  1. Practical knowledge and theory delivered in an inclusive training environment
  2. Training is participatory and experiential, with lots of positive interaction between participants from a diverse range of backgrounds
  3. Materials are contextualised for Australia and New Zealand
  4. All trainers are experienced trainers AND practitioners, able to reflect on current and real-world examples
  5. Flexible learning pathways for participants ensuring that all training is relevant and applicable
  6. Certificate in Engagement is recognised as the standard for engagement professionals
  7. All participants receive a quality training manual, with access to additional resources via our online forum (where applicable)
  8. All training delivered in professional training environments, in close proximity to public transport options

Find out more information on the IAP2 Certificate of Engagement,, In-House Training and our Licensed Trainers below.

What our participants say about our training

Engagement Methods

“The Facilitator’s leadership and timekeeping skills were amazing. Her use of humour had us all thoroughly engaged. She further shared her knowledge and guidance over several issues we were facing on our current projects that were outside the scope of the methods training. I will always remember this Facilitator. This was an amazing course.”

Engaging with Influence

“I discovered and understood some behaviours that are likely to have impacted my credibility as an adviser and manager, and I have the tools to correct/improve.

Engagement Design

“The practical side of actually putting together an engagement plan [was useful] – it made the theory come alive and allowed me to see where the pitfalls are and the important aspects you can’t brush over.”

Engagement Evaluation

“I never thought I would recommend evaluation as a must-have course but I think it’s crucial we as a profession get better at showing the value of what we do.”


Conflict in Engagement

[The most useful aspect was] “Role playing to get insights into different personas and methods to work with them. Also what people felt about conflict – reassurance that we grapple with similar feelings and thoughts and challenges.”


Engagement Facilitation

“I want to make sure it is noted how excellent I thought the Trainer’s facilitation module was. I took a huge amount away from the day, and have already returned to work and implemented learnings from her. Her depth of knowledge was really great, and I got a lot out of her tactics and strategies. Would definitely recommend the module.”


Engagement Essentials

“It should be a ‘must do’ for any public organisation.“