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Engagement Methods Tool

The highly anticipated Engagement Methods Tool is now live and available for engagers.

If you have completed one of IAP2 Australasia’s key training modules – Engagement Methods – then you might know and regularly use the IAP2 Australasia Methods Matrix.

The matrix is a framework for engagement practitioners to identify which engagement methods may best suit your project’s scale and place on the IAP2 Spectrum.

And now, we are pleased to announce that the methods matrix has been brought to life as an online tool, the Engagement Methods Tool.

Take a tour of the Engagement Methods Tool with IAP2A trainer, Kate Henderson, via the video on this page.

What can I search?

Using the Engagement Methods Tool, you can search for methods according to your:

  • engagement context,
  • purpose,
  • budget,
  • resourcing,
  • time available and
  • even the number of participants.

The tool guides you through the method principles, preparation and delivery for both virtual and in-person environments as well as any tips or traps you need to be aware of.

This tool ultimately helps you to bring people together; share information; collect and compile feedback and ultimately, make better decisions.

The Engagement Methods Tool is available for free to IAP2A members and is available to purchase by non-members for a weekly subscription fee of $4.95 (incl. GST)*.

*You will be charged monthly at AU$21.45 (including GST).

Free Subscription for IAP2A members

As part of your IAP2A Membership, members can gain access the Engagement Methods Tool for free.

To receive your FREE subscription to the Engagement Methods Tool, follow these instructions:

Step 1 – to get your coupon code

  1. Contact IAP2 Australasia via info@iap2.org.au for your coupon code.

Step 2 – to receive your free subscription

  1. Head to the Engagement Methods Tool website and click Subscribe Now.
  2. Follow the instructions for IAP2A Members.

Check out the Engagement Methods Tool for more information.

Free access is available while your membership is valid.