IAP2 announces a new membership and customer system for 2019

29 May 2019

As part of the International Change Initiative Project, IAP2 set out six months ago to implement our Information Technology vision of “Empowering Members: Supporting Excellent Customer Experience: Enabling IAP2”.

IAP2 Australasia has been working collaboratively with both IAP2 International and other IAP2 Regions to deliver on this vision through the selection of a new customer and membership system.

IAP2 is pleased to advise its members and customers that we have now finalised contracts with Salesforce to implement their system over the coming months.

Salesforce is a major player in the IT industry and is a significant supporter of the Associations sector with a global presence around the world. The selection of Salesforce as our new system will be a major step forward in delivering on our vision. It will also support the International Change Initiative to deliver a single integrated database and website supporting all IAP2 Regions.

IAP2 Australasia would like to acknowledge the significant contributions made by IAP2 International and the Canadian and US Regions to ensuring the new system will meet the needs of members and customers around the world.

This is an exciting time for IAP2 as we move forward in making IAP2 the “Go To” organisation for Public Participation/Engagement.

The new system will provide members with improved self-service options, and easier to use access to their profiles and information. Salesforce will also enable the improved delivery of current services, and the ability to deliver newer and more innovative options around membership, training and professional development, and networking.

Whilst the selection of Salesforce is a major component of reaching towards the vision, it is just the first step. Other innovations are being actively investigated and further announcements can be expected during the rest of 2019.

Kylie Cochrane
Presiding Member, IAP2 International

Donna Masrshall
Chair, IAP2 Australasia