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Feedback to Members on the Member and Practitioner Survey Results

During July and August IAP2 Australasia invited members and practitioners to complete our survey administered by EMC. Our thanks to the 656 respondents who have provided us with very valuable information on which to base our forward work plan.

We were heartened to see the very high level of support for the Strategic Goals as follows:



Strategic Goal 1: IAP2 Australasia will have a satisfied and sustainable membership base 84%
Strategic Goal 2 : IAP2 Australasia will be a leader in advancing the practice –
will lead and encourage public participation excellence
Strategic Goal 3: IAP2 Australasia will demonstrate and deliver organisational excellence through good governance and professional practices 88%

The results from the survey told us that IAP2 is well regarded by community engagement practitioners with 81% of respondents rating their experience with IAP2 positively. Respondents told us that in addition to supporting members and advancing the practice of community engagement they saw IAP2 had three major roles:

  • Training provision
  • Networking
  • Information

You also told us that networking was a primary reason for becoming and staying a member. IAP2 is developing a comprehensive Membership Strategy and the importance of networking opportunities will be a key priority in this strategy.

Training issues were discussed with a number of potential programs receiving very high interest. We have recently approved a Training Plan and the recruitment of a course developer to ensure that new course development is prioritised. The Training Subcommittee of IAP2 will be working with the staff team to progress a range of new training offerings based on the survey results and in line with the Training Plan over the next 12 months. Respondents also told us that they clearly preferred face to face delivery with 76% support for face to face delivery and 31% support for online (although regional and rural respondents rated online delivery higher than city respondents).

Respondents told us that the IAP2 website wasn’t what we would like it to be with only 51% rating it as user friendly. The IAP2 website is currently being redesigned with the new IAP2 visual identity and the architecture of the site will be more user friendly for members and visitors. We anticipate the delivery of the revamped website at the end of 2012.

Finally, thank you to all 656 people who took the time to help us build a stronger IAP2 by completing our survey.