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Delivering Deliberative Engagement

Considering a Deliberative Engagement Process? Build your knowledge and skills to confidently implement this growing field of engagement.

Amanda Newbery and Max Hardy unpack what’s REALLY essential in delivering effective deliberative engagement processes.

Deliberative democracy is a growing field of practice. Communities all around Australasia, and the world, are working together to respond to complex problems: climate change, managing growing populations and development, planning public transport solutions, prioritising capital expenditure fairly, balancing competing health demands, dealing with our waste crisis, domestic violence and the homelessness crisis – topics where there are polarised views or a high level of involvement of interest groups. 

Deliberative engagement methods aim to bring together a group of people who represent the community. The group of community members form a “mini public” in age, gender, race, language, income, education or other criteria to reflect the community. 

Hone your skills and practice processes in this oneday course presented in our virtual facilitated classroom. This course will be delivered by either Amanda Newbery or Max Hardy – the course content developers.

*Please note, this course does not contribute towards the Certificate of Engagement.

Course outcomes

You will learn how to:

  • Identify what deliberative engagement is and how it differs from, and can complement, other engagement processes. We will also bust some myths along the way! 
  • Identify and describe the range of deliberative processes and the types of projects they are well suited to. 
  • Select the most appropriate process for an engagement purpose or project. 
  • Apply critical steps in planning, commissioning and delivering a deliberative democracy process: 
    • Develop and deliver aspects of a plan for a deliberative democracy case study process, 
    • Conduct a random selection and stratification process, exploring how to choose between approaches to selection,
    • Develop the fundamental process requirements to deliver deliberative such as panel selection, terms of reference, panel materials and outputs along with developing an expert/witness selection process.

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at emerging, new and intermediate level engagers that are looking to develop or sharpen their skills in Deliberative Engagement. 



Take a look at the IAP2A training calendar to view available dates. Search via module ‘Delivering Deliberative Engagement’.

This is a one day course, delivered online by either Amanda Newbery or Max Hardy.

8:30am – 4:00pm (includes 30-minute technical onboarding and breaks).



  • $595 AUD Members including GST 
  • $850 AUD Non-members including GST 

About the Trainers

Amanda Newbery

Amanda is Managing Director of Articulous and has been an energetic and passionate IAP2 trainer since 2006. Over the years, she been the co-developer of 6 IAP2 Australasian courses. She specialises in complex, controversial or high-profile projects including major infrastructure, master planning and regional planning, organisational transformation, economic development, ICT, community services and health. In practice she has developed industry-leading online engagement projects through to deliberative democracy projects and data analysis. 

In the areas of Councils, infrastructure and planning, she has won multiple awards including the 2019 International Project of the Year Award from IAP2, 2019 Australasian IAP2 Project of the Year, and the 2019 IAP2 Community Development Project of the year.  

She led Australia’s largest community engagement project – Plan Your Brisbane which received more than 114,000 contributions. Amanda has run on-the-ground projects in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, Christchurch and South Australia. She is a former journalist and a current ABC radio panellist.

Max Hardy

Max is highly sought after as a facilitator, capacity builder, and community engagement practitioner specialising in complex projects.  

Max is an Ambassador for IAP2, and an Associate of Collaboration for Impact, Australia’s leading organisation for learning how to respond to complexity through effective collaboration. He is also a regular collaborator with the Tamarack Institute, Canada, where, in 2019, he delivered training in five Canadian cities. In 2017 Max delivered a TedxTalk, titled ‘Questions Change Everything’, and he has co-authored two books on community engagement. 

With a particular interest in deliberative democracy/engagement, Max has presented papers at numerous international conferences, and is a regular guest lecturer at the University of Melbourne. He also served as a Master Trainer for the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) and co-facilitated two training academies, in Canada and in the United Kingdom. 

In November 2007 Max, along with the ACT Disability Advisory Council, was awarded the IAP2 Award (International) for ‘Project of the Year’ for the design and implementation of the Challenge Project, using a Citizens’ Jury model, presented in Arizona, USA. 

In 2015 Max also achieved the same prestigious award, along with People with Disability Australia, for his deliberative engagement process to review the National Disability Insurance Scheme pilot projects. 

In February 2009 Max co-facilitated Australia’s first Citizens’ Parliament, in Old Parliament House Canberra. During 2013 Max provided strategic advice, process design and facilitation services with regard to the development of The Queensland Plan.  

More recently Max has assisted extension services in seven Northern Queensland regions to adapt a collaboration framework and to build their capacity to achieve greater collective impact. He has also co-produced, in 2020, a popular self-paced online training course on Authentic Co-design. 

What participants have said about our virtual classroom

Engagement Design

“Again, the IAP2 team has knocked concept of online training out of the park. Well and truly beyond expectations for an online training.” 

Engagement Design

“The facilitation was really well managed. This meant the pace felt right, and we really got a lot done in the time we had.” 

Engagement Essentials

“The delivery was well beyond expectations, and frankly, a new benchmark for online engagement.” 

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