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2020 International Webinars

August 2020

Evaluating P2 to address historic disenfranchisement and empower communities

Local governments around the world increasingly portray their work as “participatory,” but scholars have identified persistent challenges, particularly for historically disenfranchised communities. Successful participatory processes can promote collaborative problem-solving and correct structural inequities, but they can also reinforce existing power inequities and undermine benefits.

There is also the matter of perception: how residents see participatory processes may be different from the way practitioners perceive them. Allison Smith of the City of Louisville, KY, and Daniel DeCaro of the University of Louisville will discuss research into the ways that institutional and systemic racism shapes residents’ perception of a city’s governance practices and look at ways of improving the public participation process.

IAP2 Australasia members watch the webinar here

July 2020

A How-to … Effective facilitation using Zoom

The need for masterful virtual facilitation skills is higher than ever before. This session will enhance both parts of that equation: facilitating skillfully and doing so using virtual platforms. Participants will leave with greater confidence and specific skills to help groups collaborate digitally in ways that are participatory and productive.

Focus areas include:

  • Benefits of Zoom,
  • Drawbacks of Zoom,
  • Facilitation principles that transcend the platform,
  • Favourite Zoom features and,
  • Areas where the jury is still out!
IAP2 Australasia members watch the webinar here

June 2020

Online engagement masterclass

Miranda Eng of Context – An Argyle Company – will share some of the tactics and lessons her colleagues have learned about the Art and Science of Online Engagement. Really, it’s harder than it looks. Joining Miranda will be the co-presenters of Transforming Public Apathy: How Online Engagement is Revitalizing North Carolina. Jamille Robbins, Ashley Bush and Dave Biggs will discuss how the North Carolina Department of Transportation combined creative online public participation techniques with an inspired communications strategy, leading to a 7,000% increase in participation.

IAP2 Australasia members watch the webinar here

May 2020

Beyond inclusion – equity in public engagement

How do we go beyond including diverse voices in public engagement, in order to meaningfully and equitably collaborate to address pressing issues of our time? In 2018,  Simon Fraser University’s Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue was commissioned by IAP2 Canada to write a research paper on inclusion in public engagement. Following that project, the same team delved into a year and a half of additional research and community focus groups to put the research to the test and explore how to engage more diverse voices in decision-making.

IAP2 Australasia members watch the webinar here

May 2020

Applying human-centered design to your P2 Strategy

What does it look like to apply human-centered design (otherwise known as “design thinking”) to your engagement efforts? What if you could co-create, prototype, and test your engagement strategy with key stakeholders before rolling it out? We’ve found that integrating human-centered design into public participation builds ownership and trust by meaningfully engaging participants early in the process, and produces better outcomes through an understanding of local context and stakeholder preferences.

In this “encore” from the 2019 IAP2 North American Conference, Cristelle Blackford of Civicmakers will reprise “Applying Human-Centered Design to You P2 Strategy”, in which she shares the fundamentals of  human-centered design and how it applies to P2.

IAP2 Australasia members watch the webinar here

April 2020

Making inclusionary P2 part of the organisational structure

Often, community engagement is regarded as public meetings and other processes to help develop policies and programs. But what happens when an organization makes engagement part of its values? Mickey Fearn can tell you. This IAP2 Learning Webinar,  is a “Charlotte Encore”, in which Mickey reprises his popular presentation from the 2019 IAP2 North American Conference in Charlotte, NC: Implementing Inclusionary Engagement as an Organisational Value.

IAP2 Australasia members watch the webinar here

February 2020

Talking to planners and engineers about P2 with Kylie Cochrane

In your public engagement practice, do you find that the hardest people to bring onside are your own staff — the planners and engineers? Kylie Cochrane, head of public engagement with Aurecon, the international planning and design advisory group (and currently president of IAP2 International), has a lot of experience in talking to the experts. She’ll share some ideas on how to convince them that it’s “OK to let go”.

IAP2 Australasia members watch the webinar here

January 2020

2019 Organisations of the year – USA and Canada

The leads with the City of Kingston and the City of Boulder (Colorado), which won the IAP2 Canada and IAP2 USA Organisation of the Year awards, discuss their projects and how they aligned with the Core Values. Boulder also won the International IAP2 Core Values Award for Organisation of the Year.

IAP2 Australasia members watch the webinar here