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Thought Leadership Paper Launched at Parliament House

Thought Leadership Paper Launched at Parliament House

On Thursday, 30 May, IAP2Australasia hit a huge milestone with the launch of the third report in our Thought Leadership Series “Groundbreakers and Transparency Makers: the Role of Engagement in ESG” at Parliament House, Canberra.

This report was commissioned to bring our Mission “To champion engagement that improves ESG outcomes” to life.

The report acknowledges the vital role engagement plays in the credibility of ESG reporting, it advocates to uplift engagement to decision making and strategic levels across all three ESG pillars.

Thank you to Dr Daniel Mulino for his generosity and insights, our Sponsor David Smith MP, along with the members of the IAP2A family who were in the room – Sally Hussey, the author of the report, Kylie Cochrane HIAP2, Helen Leayr, Donna Groves, Kate Kernaghan and our hard-working IAP2 Australasia Chair Tony Clark, Deputy Chair Michele Barry and CEO Marion Short.

Download a copy of the paper.

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