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New specialised course: Facilitating the Tough Stuff

Facilitating the Tough Stuff

Upgrade your facilitation skills and be prepared for those challenging and complex situations with our new specialised course, in partnership with Articulous. ​​​​​Available in our virtual facilitated classroom, 28 – 29 September.

Building on entry-level facilitation knowledge, this program will stretch participants by immersing them in practicing a range of facilitation tactics. This program unpacks the facilitation skills necessary to successfully facilitate for effective engagement with challenging groups, dynamics and increasing levels of complexity.

Through self-reflection and understanding your own natural facilitation style, you will explore ways to respond to challenging emotions such as, anger, trauma and fear while determining ways to move groups to solutions finding.

Explore what’s needed to be an effective facilitator. 

  • Review theoretical facilitation models and explore these in practice
  • Set facilitation outcomes and apply facilitation skills, behaviours, tactics and tools to meet the outcomes
  • Identify facilitation tactics to reach solutions and address the negotiables and non-negotiables
  • Creating facilitated environments for empathy and listening
  • Explore participants own facilitation style
  • Explore participants own challenges for facilitation, body language and tone
  • Identify how to respond to challenging emotions such as, anger, trauma and fear
  • Apply out of the box thinking for managing the moment using improvisation tools and skills in facilitation
  • Identify and understand participants own areas for further development

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at engagers looking to refine and enhance their facilitation knowledge, and to develop or sharpen their skills to feel confident to facilitate in difficult situations.

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