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Introducing Rachael Edginton

Based in Melbourne, Rachael brings an extensive background in community and stakeholder engagement, communications and journalism to the role. Rachael is an active member of IAP2 Australasia and contributes to her local network in Victoria.

Rachael tells us that her training “promises to be a knowledge-building, collaborative and entertaining experience. Her mission is to deliver the latest IAP2 theory and methodology in an interactive and inclusive environment that acknowledges and validates the experience and wisdom in the room.”

With 20 plus years working on complex engagement programs, for some of Australia’s most trusted organisations, Rachael is a highly sought after consultant and trainer. Her impressive background enhances the learning experience for participants. During training Rachael shares her practical experience and learnings from multiple stakeholder and community engagement programs she has led.

Rachael is the founder and managing director of Plum Consulting.

To become a licensed trainer, Rachael has been working hard on completing the IAP2 Australasia Engagement Trainer Program (ETP).

Licensed to deliver the IAP2 Australasia Certificate in Engagement, Rachael is available for public training sessions, and is also available to deliver in-house training for your organisation. To make an arrangements for Rachael to train your organisation please contact IAP2 Australasia on training@iap2.org.au

Congratulations, Rachael on your successful licensing as an IAP2 Australasia trainer.