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IAP2 Australasia 2023 Conference Wrap-Up and Resources

IAP2 Australasia 2023 Conference Wrap-Up and Resources

And just like that, the annual IAP2 Australasia Conference is wrapped up for 2023! What a fantastic three days full of insights, sharing, discussion and networking. There were so many great takeaways from the event, and we can’t wait to do it all again next year.

Nova Peris OAM OLYThank you to our keynote speakers, Dr Catherine Ball, Nova Peris, Mitch Wallis and Clare Bowditch, you truly delivered some insightful and inspiring messages.

Dr Catherine Ball delivered a thought-provoking session, offering a compelling perspective on the future of AI, delving into topics such as cybernetics and the syntheverse, emphasising the influence of human choices on technology.

Catherine urged us to be prepared for fundamental shifts and to challenge existing norms. Her presentation was both eye-opening and terrifying due to the fascinating yet daunting insights she shared.

Nova Peris OAM OLY had a long line of delegates waiting to chat with her during morning tea! Nova’s session was full of authenticity as she shared her personal journey, highlighting themes of resilience and embracing one’s identity. She spoke about her life experiences, both positive and challenging, showcasing her determination and courage. Attendees left Nova’s session feeling inspired from her journey.

Mitch Wallis’ session, “Connecting from the Heart,” delved into personal insights about emotional well-being, resilience, and building meaningful connections. He stressed the significance of active listening, understanding universal struggles and healing past wounds. His emphasis on courage and mental health awareness resonated strongly, guiding us to prioritise emotional well-being and supporting others effectively.

“It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s thrill of the fight…” what a way to end the conference, with Clare Bowditch getting everyone on their feet singing along, what energy to finish up on!

Clare Bowditch

The votes are in for our delegates favourite breakout sessions, which included:

  • Practical AI Tools for Engagement Professionals: Julian Moore’s session was highly praised for being engaging and informative, offering valuable insights into AI tools for engagement strategies.
  • Powering the Future: Energy Transformation and Engagement Strategies: Attendees liked the relevance and interactivity of this session, providing fresh perspectives on community engagement in the energy industry.
  • Strengthening Connections: Enhancing Our Engagement with First Nations Communities: The team explored the principles of culturally sensitive and respectful dialogue. By sharing their experiences they forged meaningful connections, fostering collaboration and understanding, emphasising the importance of cultural awareness and engagement.
  • Social Value, Social Inclusion & Consultation Fatigue: Sara Bice and Kirsty O’Connell showcased innovative thinking and practical insights from the major infrastructure sector to paint a clear picture of how social value and social inclusion are being impacted by Australia’s Big Build.
  • Navigating Community Trade-Offs: This panel featured balanced, dynamic conversations, with practical insights.. This session successfully explored the art of balancing competing interests and priorities within communities.

The 2023 Core Values Awards winners were announced, congratulations to you all, and a special shout out to Australasia and International Organisation of the year winner, Wannon Water for Share your thoughts. Shape our future – Engaging Wannon.

The gala dinner was a sellout, and Hamilton Band had everyone on their feet dancing until the end of the night.

Take a look at the winners and view the case studies.

Sketch Group recorded a visual presentation of the keynote speakers, check them out below (click the image to enlarge).



Make sure to head over to the IAP2 Australasia Conference site to view the conference resources shared with delegates.

A massive thank you to our delegates, speakers, sponsors, and organisers, we hope you all had a great time. Until next year…

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2023 IAP2A Conference | Brisbane Day 1

2023 IAP2A Conference | Brisbane Day 2

2023 IAP2A Conference | Brisbane Day 3

2023 Core Values Awards Gala Dinner

Save the date

  • Senior Leaders Retreat, 28 February – 1 March 2024, Hobart, Tasmania.
  • New Zealand Symposium 2024, 21 – 22 March 2024, Christchurch, New Zealand.
  • 2024 IAP2 Australasia Conference, 2 – 4 September 2024, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.