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Future Skills for Engagement Practitioners eBook

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We asked current leaders in the engagement practice: What are the five fundamental challenges that face engagement practitioners today and the key skills required to manage these challenges.

The community engagement and stakeholder profession is evolving in unforeseen ways. With the disruption of the coronavirus pandemic, for instance, traditional face-to-face engagement was upended and contemporary public engagement re-shaped.

This eBook came about through a desire to investigate more deeply the role and experience of the community engagement practitioner today.

Future Skills of Engagement Practitioners offers a reflection on the current state of the industry in Australia. We take a critical lens to what is often left unexamined and identify five fundamental challenges that face the profession, concluding with recommendations to meet these issues – now and in the future.

Through interviews with key actors in the engagement profession, this eBook:

  • Provides an overview frame for the practice of engagement and the engagement practitioner;
  • Explores the five key challenges that beset community engagement practice today;
  • And as a counterbalance in response, recommendations for future skills for engagement practitioners.

An important read for all practitioners. Grab your copy, simply complete your details via this form, and a link to download will be emailed to you. And stay tuned for details on an IAP2A webinar on the topic.