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Engagement Design is now online! Register now.

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Are you confident that you can design a robust engagement process for a range of purposes and situations?

Our Engagement Design training is available to study in IAP2 Learn – our virtual facilitated classroom!

This means that IAP2 training is now more accessible and more affordable than ever. Already, Engagement Essentials and Engagement Evaluation are available in our virtual classroom – and here is what some of our participants are telling us:

“The practical side of actually putting together an engagement plan [was useful] – it made the theory come alive and allowed me to see where the pitfalls are and the important aspects you can’t brush over.” Engagement Design participant, August 2019

“The delivery was well beyond expectations, and frankly, a new benchmark for online engagement.” Digital Engagement Essentials participant May 2020

“I was overwhelmed by how good the course was via zoom and not in person!”
Digital Engagement Essentials participant May 2020

“I think the digital environment enabled us to collaborate more than in a class room setting, because we got to use the jam board and annotate the slides with [the trainer].” Digital Engagement Essentials participant May 2020

Enrolments for Engagement Design are now open!

Develop the skills to design a robust engagement process for a range of purposes and situations

The aim of Engagement Design is to apply the key design concepts and process of IAP2 Australasia’s Engagement Model.

  • Define the purpose and context for engagement
  • Interpret the needs and context of the organisation, stakeholder and community
  • Select and define the roles and influence of the organisation, stakeholders and communities on the decision, action and form of engagement
  • Design engagement approaches for a range of purposes and situations
  • Reach and activate community and organisational participation
  • Integrate monitoring and evaluation into the engagement plan and activities.

By the end of Engagement Design you will be able to form and express an opinion as to the ‘best practice’ design plan for a range of internal or external engagement processes.

The IAP2 team and our trainers have been busy converting this hallmark training into a digital format with all of the interactive learning activities, skills training plus the outstanding level of facilitation our participants have come to expect from an IAP2 Australasia course.

Participants will be provided with access to our virtual facilitated classroom and course manual. All you need to do is bring a cuppa and dress in your most comfortable work-from-home outfit!