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2021 Core Values Awards Winner | Indigenous (AU)

IAP2 Australasia Core Values Awards Case study

Aboriginal Development Managers: bringing Aboriginal culture and knowledge into the heart of land development in Western Australia | DevelopmentWA; Karda Designs; Gundi Consulting; Yunga Foundation; Brave and Curious

Highlights at a glance

  • An emergent program that brings Aboriginal participation and engagement to the heart of land development projects in Western Australia.
  • Provides opportunities for Aboriginal stakeholders at a “collaborate” level of engagement for development projects, with some components at an “empower” level.

Key outcomes:

  • Respectful participation and contribution – Aboriginal heritage, culture and people are genuinely considered within the decision making process and outcomes for projects.
  • Deeper, more meaningful engagement led by Aboriginal people with traditional owners who are empowered to speak for country across the project lifecycle.
  • Creation of meaningful developments that recognise, honour and celebrate Aboriginal culture and the ongoing connection to country as a way of connecting the broader community to the deeper importance of these spaces.
  • Greater shared understanding of Aboriginal culture within the organisation.
  • Identifying and addressing the systemic barriers within existing organisations, agencies and corporations that make greater Aboriginal participation challenging.

Key engagement takeaways:

  • All parties approach the projects with openness to changing existing practices – to be flexible in the approach to allow emerging Aboriginal businesses to manage Aboriginal participation and engagement influencing the design of projects.
  • A long‐term vision and ongoing commitment helps all relevant parties work through challenges as they arise.
  • The principles of Kaart Koort Waarnginy (head, heart, talking) are a strong basis for engagement by and with Noongar People and can be adapted for different Aboriginal societies across WA.