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Bushfire Disaster Recovery 

Engagement Consultants

The following organisations within the engagement community have pledged their support to offer professional services pro bono to any Government agency or other organisation that needs assistance in engaging with the community in the areas of disaster response; disaster recovery; and climate change education and awareness.

Name: Donna Groves, Coral Reynolds, Rita Buttenshaw, Jo Williams, Eleanor Smith-Waters, Rosa Aksharanugraha
Organisation: Comacon Pty. Ltd.
Contact Phone: 1300 736 820
Contact Email: contactus@comacon.com.au
Location/s you are available to help in: Australia
Services/areas of expertise: Engagement strategy and implementation
How you would like to help: Climate change awareness and education

Name: Rachael Edginton
Organisation: PLUM Communication  
Contact Phone: 0431 776 526
Contact Email: Rachael@plumco.com.au
Location/s you are available to help in: All locations 
Services/areas of expertise: I am an IAP2 trainer and corporate affairs specialist.
How you would like to help: I can train teams in IAP2 methodology to ensure rapid upskilling and capacity building. I can also mentor teams and provide advice on engagement strategy.

Name: Cindy Lenferna de la Motte
Organisation: Harvest Digital Planning
Contact Email: cindy@harvestdp.com
Services/areas of expertise: Community and digital engagement

Name: Susan Scott
Organisation: ScottPR
Contact Phone: 0409 766 142
Contact Email: susan@scottpr.org
Location/s you are available to help in: Anywhere
Services/areas of expertise: Community Engagement; Public Relations; Crisis Communications; Deliberative Engagement; Risk Management
How you would like to help: I would like to volunteer my specialist skills to help engage with communities during the recovery phase, so that the process of rebuilding is deliberative and enables the relevant authorities to ‘do it with us, not for us’.
Other relevant information: I am an experienced Emergency Stakeholder Coordinator and facilitator.

Name: Dr Margaret Moreton
Organisation: Leva Consulting
Contact Phone: 0416 283 195
Contact Email: Margaret@levaconsulting.com.au
Location/s you are available to help in: Anywhere
Services/areas of expertise: I am a community recovery and resilience specialist – working with communities, councils, and others to support community led recovery.
How you would like to help: I am able to provide advice, planning, community engagement and facilitation expertise.
Other relevant information: My work supports communities to be active and lead their own processes.  I also have a resource that may assist in beginning conversations.  ‘Our Community’ is available for purchase from my website. It is a highly accessible resource to help groups discuss community emergency preparation and recovery.

Name: Strategic Development Group Team
Organisation: Strategic Development Group Pty Ltd
Contact Phone:  02 6226 6428
Contact Email:  connect@strategicdevelopment.com.au
Location/s you are available to help in:  Anywhere
Services/areas of expertise: Stakeholder & community engagement, program/project evaluation and monitoring, community visioning, disaster response/recovery and climate change education and awareness.
How you would like to help: We are willing to offer our full suite of services
Other relevant information: We are a professional services firm based in regional NSW, we specialise in Community Engagement, Strategy Development, Disaster Recovery, Program monitoring and evaluation and Corporate Advisory. Our staff have worked directly on international Disaster Recovery programs such as Tropical Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu and the 2004 Asian Tsunami disaster in Aceh and designed a number of programs for the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) Humanitarian Response section. See www.strategicdevelopment.com.au for more information.

Name: Kate Bowmaker, Mel Butcher, Steven Speldewinde
Organisation: The Social Deck
Contact Phone:  0435 038 720
Contact Email: kate@thesocialdeck.com
Location/s you are available to help in: any state and location, depending on the project
Services/areas of expertise: Engagement strategy and planning, community engagement, communicating with people in bushfire affected areas
How you would like to help: Use our experience in bushfire recovery communication and engagement to provide practical advice and ideas to help government, especially local councils, and community groups in supporting and sharing information with people affected, and to engage them in recovery efforts.

Name: Gabrielle Martinovich
Organisation: CreativePivot
Contact Phone: 0407 311 091
Contact Email: gabrielle@creativepivot.com.au
Location/s you are available to help in: All locations
Services/areas of expertise: Community engagement, facilitation of consultative committees, community meetings and forums, sustainability strategy communications and engagement and training.
How you would like to help: Happy to help in any way I can in terms of facilitation and on-the-ground support.
Other relevant information: CreativePivot specialises in working with state government and organisations in the areas of infrastructure development, renewable energy transition and environment, and social enterprise; and are a Professional Management Services Provider to the NSW Government.


Name: Nadeena Whitby
Organisation: Consultant
Contact Phone: 0423 330 334
Contact Email: nadeenawhitby@hotmail.com
Location/s you are available to help in: Remotely
Services/areas of expertise: Crisis communications, media management, community engagement
How you would like to help: Happy to assist with any communications or engagement activity that can be done remotely – writing, social media management, online engagement, phone calls etc.

Name: Fleur Bowden
Organisation: Consultant
Contact Phone: 0439 423 741
Contact Email: fsbowden@gmail.com
Location/s you are available to help in: I can assist in-person in the Adelaide Hills and remotely online everywhere else.
Services/areas of expertise: I am a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ and so flexible to support communities in a number of ways using my expertise beyond engagement. I have completed the Certificate of Engagement with IAP2 Australasia, and also studied community engagement as part of my completed Master of Sustainability course.
How you would like to help: Offering organisational, administration and social media support, research, and practical advice. A background in project managing large landscapes and public realm development encompassing natural resources; project scoping; design; communication and engagement; and sustainability strategies. Experience working on community management committees and panels. Almost no task too small. Happy to discuss ideas. I am also able to act in a volunteer support role to other professionals already assisting communities.

Name: Grace Loftus
Contact Phone: +64 21 02411466
Contact Email: gemloftus37@gmail.com
Location/s you are available to help in: Remotely (Based in NZ)
Services/areas of expertise: Stakeholder engagement, content curation, media releases, website content, social media.
How you would like to help: I can write media releases and other content quickly and efficiently remotely. I an interested in animal welfare and would love to able to lend my communication skills to helping with the rescue efforts in Australia.

Name: Deanie Carbon
Contact Phone: 0409 615 542
Contact Email: deaniecarbon@hotmail.com
Location/s you are available to help in: As required.
Services/areas of expertise: Local govt community engagement and media and state govt.
How you would like to help: Running meetings etc advising management. Drafting community engagement plans.
Other relevant information: Willing to take annual leave to help or provide advice remotely. Very keen

Name: Nicole Walton, Kylie Cochrane, Fleur Lawrence, Belinda Coleman, Esther Diffey 
Organisation: Aurecon Australasia
Location/s you are available to help in: WA, NSW, QLD, SA, VIC, ACT
Services/areas of expertise: Communication and engagement services.  Community engagement across all methods. Internal and external stakeholder engagement.  Digital engagement. Communication strategy and implementation.
How you would like to help: We would be happy to discuss the need or problem with you and formulate a plan.
Other relevant information: Bushfire pro bono terms of business – Jan 2020


State Name Email Phone
WA/NT Nicole Walton Nicole.walton@aurecongroup.com 0413 016 595
NSW Kylie Cochrane Kylie.Cochrane@aurecongroup.com 0404 048 369
NSW/ACT Fleur Lawrence Fleur.Laurence@aurecongroup.com 0400 919 475
QLD Belinda Coleman Belinda.Coleman@aurecongroup.com 0472 827 770
SA/VIC Esther Diffey Esther.Diffey@aurecongroup.com 0429 632 585

Name: Social Impact & Community Engagement Team
Organisation: Umwelt (Australia) Pty Ltd
Contact Phone: 1300 793 267
Contact Email: social-team@umwelt.com.aurjaeger-michael@umwelt.com.au
Location/s you are available to help in: Ability to assist in the Hunter, Brisbane, Canberra, Orange, Perth
Services/areas of expertise: Stakeholder & community engagement, social impact assessment, program/ project evaluation and monitoring, health impact assessment, social impact management, social perception research, social investment planning, community visioning and needs assessment.
How you would like to help: Umwelt would like to offer the services of our experienced social and community engagement team to assist where relevant in providing our knowledge and expertise to facilitate effective disaster response, planning and recovery efforts.

Name: Johanna Marsh
Organisation: Infrastructure Advisory Group
Contact Phone: 0413 462 514
Contact Email: johanna.marsh@infragroup.com.au
Location/s you are available to help in: Available to assist in Queensland and Victoria, and remotely for NSW requirements.
Services/areas of expertise: Project management, community engagement, government relations, development of communications strategies and associated materials (print and digital).
How you would like to help: Government relations and policy development, infrastructure planning, stakeholder identification and mapping, facilitation of community meetings, development of communications materials.

Name: Jo Cannington, Ross Hornsey, Julia Miller-Randle
Organisation: Ethos Urban
Location/s you are available to help in: NSW, VIC, QLD
Services/areas of expertise: We are Australia’s leading national urban solutions company that blends design, economics, engagement and planning to create sustainable futures centred around human needs. We have a dedicated team of engagement specialists who are willing to offer on-the-ground support undertake engagement, or remote assistance (graphic design, collateral preparation).  This could include engagement strategy, consultation collateral, engagement and facilitation, communications, evaluation.  We also have an in-house graphic design team who can assist with the preparation collateral. Our team also has expertise in undertaking risk-based planning projects which seek to educate and assist communities in adapting to the challenges presented by climate change and embed these responses into government policy and strategy.
How you would like to help: We are willing to offer our full suite of engagement services to government agencies or other organisations – depending on their consultation requirements.


State Name Email Phone
Victoria Jo Cannington jcannington@ethosurban.com 0412 467 522
NSW Ross Hornsey rhornsey@ethosurban.com 0426 890 186
QLD Julia Miller-Randle jmillerrandle@ethosurban.com 0419 266 699


Name: Penny Burke, Alison French, Benita Tan
Organisation: Essence Communications
Contact Phone: 0412 553 376
Contact Email: alison@essencecomms.com.au
Location/s you are available to help in: National (specific interest and commitment to regional Victoria)
Services/areas of expertise: Engagement with local communities to help navigate the services and support offered by Government, particularly online information to ensure they can find what they need.
How you would like to help: Work with government directly to share our insight and understanding of the ‘journey’ map for community members when seeking government support.
Other relevant information: We are also happy to discuss conducting further community consultation to identify challenges and opportunities to community engagement.

Name: Nicola Mendleson
Organisation: Mendleson Engagement and Communication
Contact Phone: 0411 743 869
Contact Email: nicola@mendleson.com.au
Location/s you are available to help in: I am based in Melbourne and happy to travel anywhere to work as long as travel expenses are covered.
Services/areas of expertise: Communications/engagement strategy, implementation and evaluation, consultation programs, research analysis and reporting, facilitating community processes, meetings, forums, etc., mentoring and training.
How you would like to help: Happy to help in any way I can.
Other relevant information: Mendleson specialises in working with local and state government in Victoria in the areas of infrastructure development, natural resources and environment, and are on the Victorian Government Marketing Services Register.

Name: Dean Hemana
Organisation: VicTrack
Contact Phone: +61 3 9619 8852 
Contact Email: dean.hemana@victrack.com.au
Location/s you are available to help in: Central Melbourne and work five days a week in the city, would be happy to provide support/advice by phone/email face to face, and happy to travel regionally during weekends if needed.
Services/areas of expertise: Plan and deliver community information sessions, develop and deliver collateral and fundraising experience – ex ACT RFS member
How you would like to help: Anyway that you feel I can contribute, happy to discuss

Name: Melinda Coyne
Contact Phone: 0418 578 013 
Contact Email: melindac22@gmail.com
Location/s you are available to help in: Melbourne, Australia
Services/areas of expertise: Communications planning, writing for any medium, website and intranet development build and writing, stakeholder engagement
How you would like to help: I’m happy to help in any communications capacity required.
Other relevant information: I’m an experienced communications professional with a ‘can do’ attitude and ‘roll up your sleeves’ approach. Passionate about keeping the community and stakeholders at the heart of everything and connected to meaningful information and engagement.

Name: Laura Gordon
Organisation: Development Victoria
Contact Phone:0436 372 283
Contact Email: laura.gordon@development.vic.gov.au
Location/s you are available to help in: Melbourne Metro
Services/areas of expertise: Communications/Engagement/Social Media/Media Releases/Blogs/Bulletins
How you would like to help: If there is comms support needed outside of business hours I would be able to assist.
Other relevant information: I was heavily involved in content creation for the CFA Household Bushfire Self-Assessment Tool, which received the Lifelong Learning Award at the eLearning Excellence Awards in 2012. I am originally from the Far South Coast of NSW, and have been monitoring bushfire coverage closely over recent months. My uncle is an employee of the RFS and has been responsible for coordinating efforts and acting as Public Liaison Officer throughout the Bega Valley during the recent crisis. Through a combination of experiences and relationships, I believe I have a strong understanding of the importance of communications during emergency situations.

Name: Cindy Plowman
Organisation: Conversation Caravan
Contact Phone: 0416 144 390
Contact Email: hello@conversationcaravan.com.au
Location/s you are available to help in: East Gippsland, Victorian areas or remotely anywhere.
Services/areas of expertise: Facilitation of community meetings, community engagement processes and report/action plan writing. Our team also includes graphic design and communications experience. 
How you would like to help: There will be a need to develop township plans to priorities the rebuild of these communities. Happy to donate, or for a heavily reduced fee offer consultancy services to do this. 
Other relevant information: You can find out more about the team and what we do through www.conversationcaravan.com.au

Name: Kathy Heffernan
Organisation: Katlynx Consulting
Contact Phone: 0400 671 879
Contact Email: Katheffernan@hotmail.com
Location/s you are available to help in: East Gippsland, Victoria
Services/areas of expertise: Workshop facilitation, community engagement planning and delivery, community recovery planning, community development, social planning.
How you would like to help: I would like to provide support with community recovery consultations and planning as a back up to local teams. I can also support any community engagement activities. I would be available for short term one off support for these types of activities. Travelling to these areas are a few hours from where I live so I would need support with accommodation.
Other relevant information: I have my working with children check and AIP2 Certificate of engagement.

Name: Jenny Jackson
Organisation: GOTAFE
Contact Phone: 0447 517 646
Contact Email: jjackson@gotafe.vic.edu.au
Location/s you are available to help in: North East Victoria
Services/areas of expertise: Qualified TAFE trainer/facilitator. Currently in a management role: Leadership/Management quals/skills, MC Skills, group facilitation skills, co-ordination skills etc.
How you would like to help: In any way that I can provide any assistance. Happy to assist others who may lead sessions or be part of a group providing assistance.

Name: Helen Long
Organisation: Local Regeneration
Contact Phone: 0427 066 822
Contact Email: helenlong@localregeneration.com
Location/s you are available to help in: Victoria, Geelong – but can travel and stay away during the week
Services/areas of expertise: Project Manager, Specialist Consultant in Social & Economic Inclusion projects, trained community counsellor, strategist, facilitator and presenter on social equity and sustainable thinking.
How you would like to help: I am a project manager, experience in LGA economic development.

Name: Prue Beseler, Communications Consultant.
Organisation: Bezgroup 
Contact Phone: 0438 578 667 
Contact Email: prue@bezgroup.com.au
Location/s you are available to help in: Victoria
Services/areas of expertise: Communication strategy > Action plans> Rollout. Significant stakeholder engagement experience with local government and water sectors.
How you would like to help: Available up to one day per week. 
Other relevant information: I am based in Ballarat (also available in Melbourne) and have worked with regional and rural clients for 11 years.

Name: Caitlyn Hammond
Organisation: Nation Partners
Contact Phone: 0457 097 893
Contact Email: chammond@nationpartners.com.au
Location/s you are available to help in: Victoria and NSW
Services/areas of expertise: Community engagement; climate change and sustainability strategy communications and engagement; facilitation; strategy development and advice.
How you would like to help: We have approx. 10 team members, from junior to senior, who would be able commit approx. 200 hours of both strategy and on-the-ground engagement support.

Name: Alistair Kingston
Organisation: RPS
Contact Phone: (03) 9417 9700
Contact Email: alistair.kingston@rpsgroup.com.au
Location/s you are available to help in: Victoria, New South Wales
Services/areas of expertise: Communications, stakeholder and community engagement, deliberative engagement, facilitation, creative services
How you would like to help: We would welcome a discussion about your needs and how our team can help

Name: Joel Levin
Organisation: Aha! Consulting
Contact Phone: 0412 265 411
Contact Email: joel@ahaconsulting.net.au
Location/s you are available to help in: Western Australia, other locations if travel costs are covered
Services/areas of expertise: Community stakeholder engagement, Facilitation of community forums
How you would like to help: Happy to provide pro-bono facilitation of forums focused on recovery, response review etc

Name: Leanne Copping
Organisation: RPS
Contact Phone: 0439 438 388
Contact Email: leanne.copping@rpsgroup.com.au
Location/s you are available to help in: Perth and other locations in Western Australia if required
Services/areas of expertise: Writing and editing communications materials; communications strategies; community engagement; research
How you would like to help: Pro bono services to assist in any way that is needed

Name: Amrit Kendrick
Organisation: Sustain Nature Communication (consultancy)
Contact Phone: +614 00628830
Contact Email: amrit@westnet.com.au
Location/s you are available to help in: I can facilitate on Zoom; also can facilitate live in Western Australia within a 3-hour radius of Perth
Services/areas of expertise: Experienced in using Open Space and other facilitation techniques to debrief people, to build community, to complete the past; am also a yoga teacher and can do guided relaxation.
How you would like to help:Available to organise events, run sessions, speak to people and invite them, debrief and follow up with people after events.
Other relevant information: Previously worked in natural resources, did facilitation for Farm Business Resilience project; was on organising committee for Facilitation Network conferences in Perth and Fremantle

Name: Naomi Cavanagh
Organisation: WSP
Contact Phone: 07 3854 6523
Contact Email: naomi.cavanagh@wsp.com
Location/s you are available to help in: NSW
Services/areas of expertise: 20 years’ experience in stakeholder and community engagement in regional communities. Social impact and needs assessment experience and some experience in establishing communications for community preparedness during natural disasters.
How you would like to help: Anything that helps.

Name: Jeanette Lambert
Organisation: Brickfields Consulting
Contact Phone: 0412 331 915
Contact Email: jeanette.lambert@brickfields.com
Location/s you are available to help in: NSW
Services/areas of expertise: 12 years experience in community engagement strategy, facilitation, event management, market/social research and place-making strategy.
How you would like to help: Able to provide volunteer, pro-bono services to plan/manage or facilitate community engagement processes required to support planning/rebuilding.

Name: Nina Macken, Associate Director – Engagement 
Organisation: Ethos Urban
Contact Phone: 0447 688 613
Contact Email: Nmacken@ethosurban.com
Location/s you are available to help in: Sydney
Services/areas of expertise: Engagement, Communications – this includes community consultation, stakeholder engagement, strategic communications, facilitation, basic media relations, messaging, public relations, event management 
How you would like to help: I would be happy to help out in a personal capacity using the skills that I have. I work part time and have a family so it is likely to be after business hours. 

Name: Deborah Metcalf
Organisation: dmcomms (sole trader)
Contact Phone: 0432 689 511
Contact Email: deborah@dmcomms.com.au
Location/s you are available to help in: Sydney, online, on-call
Services/areas of expertise: Online engagement, door-knocking, community event management, engagement and/or communication plans and reports, writing newsletters/website content, project management, Consultation Manager database.
How you would like to help: I am someone who can pick up the pieces of what’s needed and run with a task to perfection. I can imagine plans, strategies, newsletters, emails, briefings are all needed in managing the recovery effort.
Other relevant information: I have experience working on cross-government/agency project teams including the closure of the Sydney Harbour Bridge for resurfacing, the Bridge 75th and 80th birthday as well as many major traffic and rail emergencies.

Name: Rima Nasr
Profession: I am clinical and forensic psychologist in Sydney and I am willing to travel to provide services.
Contact Phone: (02) 8205 7877 
Contact Email: rnasr@lscpsych.com.au
Location/s you are available to help in: Sydney and regional areas
Services/areas of expertise: Well experienced in the area of trauma (treatment and assessment and training), working with emergency personnel, and other individuals impacted by traumatic incidences (directly or vicariously).  I have worked in inpatient, outpatient and community based settings with survivors of trauma.  I am a member of various organisations such VVCS, Victims Services, workers compensation organisations.
How you would like to help:  I would like to provide professional assistance (training, first aid, treatment/counselling, or services outside of psychology as you see fit or where needed).

Name: Lori Modde
Organisation: Visitor Economy Development
Contact Phone: 0415 279 822
Contact Email: lori@visitoreconomy.com.au
Location/s you are available to help in: South Coast, Hawkesbury
Services/areas of expertise: Economic development, community development, marketing for small business,
How you would like to help: Workshops on how to get businesses back on track, what to do next, how to prioritise their activities for maximum benefit, who to contact for support in promotion.

Name: Kelly Lofberg, Kate Baartz, Tadd Andersen. Others may be available.
Organisation: Mara Consulting
Contact Phone: 02 4965 4317
Contact Email: mara@maraconsulting.com.au
Location/s you are available to help in: Hunter region, Central Coast, Mid North Coast. Potentially other regional NSW locations if travel costs covered.
Services/areas of expertise: Crisis communication, media management, stakeholder liaison and communication, information sessions, workshop facilitation, communication materials, strategy development.
How you would like to help: Happy to discuss any support that may be required.
Other relevant information: We have experience in managing stakeholder liaison activities and crisis communication (stakeholders and media response) through emergencies and disasters. Other urban design services that we can offer include visual impact, arboriculture, assessments/reports on open spaces and drone services.

Name: Dianne Knott, Colby Crane, Lauren Fawcett
Organisation: Urbis
Contact Phone: 0401 456 656 (Dianne)
Contact Email: dknott@urbis.com.au
Location/s you are available to help in: NSW – metropolitan, NSW – Blue Mountains and Central West , NSW – South Coast, NSW – Central Coast
Services/areas of expertise: Workshop facilitation, Event and logistics coordination, Communications materials and updates, Social media, Communications monitoring and evaluation, Behaviour change communications
How you would like to help: Members of the team would like to help in any capacity deemed useful to support communities recovering from fire. We have particular expertise in workshop design and facilitation and all forms of communications inc social media management.
Other relevant information: Dianne Knott qualified in alternative dispute resolution, Colby Crane crisis media on critical infrastructure (undertook this work following the Brisbane floods)

Name: Rachel Fox, Matt Satherley
Organisation: bd infrastructure
Contact Phone: 0405 231 436; 61 421 159 864
Contact Email: rachel.fox@bdinfrastructure.com; matt.satherley@bdinfrastructure.com
Location/s you are available to help in: NSW
Services/areas of expertise: Strategy; community relations; media management (traditional and social); workshop and meeting facilitation; writing and collateral production; event logistics.
How you would like to help: In any way that is useful      
Other relevant information: Bd infrastructure also has experienced graphic designers, who are highly proficient in Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Adobe. We would be able to support in the design of collateral if needed.

Name: Kim Hilliard
Organisation: KHPR (sole practitioner)
Contact Phone: 0438 289 423
Contact Email: kimhpr@bigpond.net.au
Location/s you are available to help in: Canberra based. Available to assist anywhere in the ACT and regional NSW
Services/areas of expertise: Communications and engagement including community consultation and forum facilitation; stakeholder engagement; issues management; and communication and community engagement planning and implementation.
How you would like to help:Volunteer or Pro-bono: Available to assist, support or supplement existing resources or lead specific community engagement initiatives/programs.
Other relevant information: Experience delivering communication and engagement as part of the disaster recovery and infrastructure reconstruction (2011 QLD natural disasters). I have a valid Working with Vulnerable People Permit (WWVP – ACT).

Name: Michelle Toms
Organisation: Wollongong City Council
Contact Phone: (02) 4227 7374
Contact Email: mtoms@wollongong.nsw.gov.au  
Location/s you are available to help in: Bega Valley Shire Council
Services/areas of expertise: Community Engagement
Other relevant information: I am an Engagement Officer CADET. Meaning I am still learning, however, I am a proud YUIN woman who would love to help in as many ways as she can. I have learnt a lot throughout my cadetship and will happily put my service to work. 

Name: Taryn Langdon
Organisation: Interact Collaborations
Contact Phone: 0417 148 059
Contact Email: taryn@interactcollaborations.com.au
Location/s you are available to help in: South/Eastern NSW (3 hours drive from the ACT).
Services/areas of expertise: Community engagement, consultation, partnership brokerage, advocacy, needs analysis and government connections.
How you would like to help: Open to discussing ways that I may be able to assist in need analysis, connecting with support, consultations and advocacy for affected communities.

Name: Tania Parkes
Organisation: Tania Parkes Consulting
Contact Phone: +61 419 491 166
Contact Email: taniaparkes@taniaparkes.com.au
Location/s you are available to help in: Canberra Region and remotely to other areas
Services/areas of expertise: Social planning, media and communications, community and stakeholder engagement
How you would like to help: Provide strategic advice to recovery operations.
Other relevant information: I have experience providing recovery services after the 2003 fires in Canberra. I have 21 years experience in the field working nationally for all levels of government and with community and private sectors.

Name: Samantha Mellios  
Organisation: WSP
Contact Phone: 0402 352 228
Contact Email: Samantha.mellios@wsp.com
Location/s you are available to help in: Brisbane based but can provide online support by phone, email, skype
Services/areas of expertise: Community engagement strategy/implementation, previous experience in crisis community engagement management
How you would like to help: Happy to discuss support as required. Open to supporting community engagement around rebuilding local business support for impacted areas.

Name: Lisa Nixon, Managing Director
Organisation: BBS Communications Group
Contact Phone: 07 3221 6711
Contact Email: info@bbscommunications.com.au
Location/s you are available to help in: SEQ
Services/areas of expertise: Strategic communications, media relations/profiling, crisis and issues management/planning, community relations and stakeholder engagement
How you would like to help: BBS is recognised as one of Australia’s leading providers of stakeholder engagement and communications services. To find out more about us, or how we could help in any way possible, please visit: http://www.bbscommunications.com.au/ or get in touch.

Name: Jennifer (Jen) Fredericks
Organisation: QLD Gov – Dept of Agriculture and Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF – Biosecurity)
Contact Phone: 0427 911 306
Contact Email: Jennifer.fredericks@daf.qld.gov.au
Location/s you are available to help in: Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast online/skype. Other areas as work requirements permit
Services/areas of expertise: Community development and recovery, community engagement, community safety
How you would like to help: Strategic planning for community recovery, planning and/or facilitation of workshops and events, ideas generation
Other relevant information: Depending on work requirements I may be able to volunteer further away and on week days etc.

Name: Chandani Panditharatne
Organisation: University of South Australia (contract basis)
Contact Phone: 0481 289 882
Contact Email: chan.panditharatne@unisa.edu.au or panditharatnechandani@yahoo.com
Location/s you are available to help in: Adelaide and suburbs
Services/areas of expertise: I have a PhD in climate change adaptation and have experience in formulating action plans for disaster mitigation and recovery.
How you would like to help: Assist with community engagement, education of policy makers and government staff on climate change issues and resilience. 
Other information: I have worked as a government officer at the Ministry of Environment, Sri Lanka for over 10 years on climate change and ecosystem services.

Name: Marisa Thayuman
Organisation: SA Government
Contact Phone: +61 410 435333
Contact Email: marisa.thayuman@gmail.com
Location/s you are available to help in: South Australia
Services/areas of expertise: Development of communications. Engagement/ working with: major infrastructure projects,  industry bodies, state, local and federal government and local communities.

Name: Ruzenka Pavlik
Organisation: Gould Thorpe Planning 
Contact Phone: 0411 282 173
Contact Email: ruzenka@gtplanning.com.au
Location/s you are available to help in: Adelaide, Adelaide Hills and Kangaroo Island 
Services/areas of expertise: Stakeholder Engagement Advisor on major infrastructure projects in both planning and construction phases with focus on regional SA. Experience working with the currently impacted communities. 
How you would like to help: Available recovery operations. Facilitate engagement with community and key stakeholder groups. Co-ordinate ongoing Community Information and Consultation Sessions. 
Other relevant information: Current and recent infrastructure projects in Adelaide Hills region inc Woodside and Lobethal districts. 2016 Australia Census Regional Manager Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu Peninsula and Kangaroo Island districts.

Name: Jo Curkpatrick
Organisation: Fingerpost Communication
Contact Phone: 0419 882 608
Contact Email: jo@fingerpost.com.au
Location/s you are available to help in: Adelaide Hills and Kangaroos Island
Services/areas of expertise: Communication, stakeholder and community engagement (completed IAP2 course), publications and editing, media relations. I also trained as a fire media officer when working with Parks Victoria so understand the environment.
How you would like to help: Happy to assist in any way possible whether providing advice or delivering communication/ engagement.

Name: Vanessa Geerts
Organisation: Campbelltown City Council (Local Government)
Contact Phone: 8366 9268
Contact Email: vgeerts@campbelltown.sa.gov.au
Location/s you are available to help in: SA (Adelaide Hills & Kangaroo Island)
Services/areas of expertise: Prior to working for Council I was the Community Engagement Officer with the SA CFS for 4 years on Kangaroo Island and the Fleurieu (2014 – 2018). I have an intimate knowledge in these regions, in emergency management, IMT and community engagement.
How you would like to help: Happy to support other engagement professionals in recovery, community support and future preparedness.
Other relevant information: I would likely only be able to do short stints of work a few days up to one week potentially pending other work and family commitments but would love to be able to support the KI community in particular due to my connections and history with the Island in my CFS engagement role.