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Digital Tools Hub

Welcome to the IAP2 Australasia Digital Tools Hub! 

The IAP2 Australasia Digital Tools Hub is a comprehensive resource for community and stakeholder engagement professionals, offering a consolidated space of digital tools that practitioners may find useful in their day-to-day practice.

Share a Digital Tool 

The IAP2 Australasia Digital Tools Hub provides an opportunity for members to share the tools they use and find valuable in their practice. If you have a tool that you would like to share with the rest of the profession or believe others would benefit from knowing about, please complete the following Application Form. This shared information helps to create a centralised resource space.

Have any questions, please contact us at membership@iap2.org.au.

*Please note that inclusion in the Digital Tools Hub does not imply or constitute endorsement by IAP2 Australasia. Tools listed in the IAP2 Australasia Digital Tools Hub are provided solely as a directory resource.  It is important that you make your own judgment as to the suitability of any tool. IAP2 Australasia makes no warranty, express or implied, with respect to any tool or its providers. 

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HTML to Design

Convert any website into fully editable Figma designs. Capture websites for a benchmark or moodboard in Figma, without a single screenshot. Load an editable webpage in Figma for collaboration, providing comments and feedback.Improve your UX writing with different copy, and get a snapshot of exactly how it’ll look.

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Secta’s AI Algorithm takes 20-25 of your favorite selfies and generates hundreds of professional headshots in minutes. You’ll get headshots with professional and casual with many styles from indoor, outdoor, color splash and all images will have a professional feel. Expect to get around 20-150 usable images!

Cost Paid

An AI-powered platform where your Digital Self can freely explore, learn and grow.

Cost Free

Take notes and add highlights on the youtube videos you watch. Glasp is a free Chrome Extension that lets you quickly highlight websites and PDF files with colored highlighting options, which are then automatically curated to your Glasp homepage. These highlights can then be tagged, searched for, linked to, and shared on a variety of […]

Cost Free

Generates ideas to design your company swag / promotional merchandise.

Design Marketing
Cost Paid
CleanUp Pictures

Remove any unwanted object, defect, people or text from your pictures in seconds. Retouch images in seconds with incredible quality.

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