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Refund/Cancellation Policy

Registration Transfer

If your invoice remains unpaid 10 working days prior to the event or training session, IAP2 Australasia reserves the right to transfer your registration to another participant.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel or change your reservation up to 10 working days before the scheduled date without incurring a cancellation fee. Cancellations or changes made after this period will incur a fee equal to the registration cost.

Cancellation, Changes and Non-Attendance for Training/Events

Within 10 working days of the scheduled training or event, the following policy applies:

  • Replacement Participant: If a replacement meeting the pre-requisite requirements (if any) is found, no cancellation fee will be charged, provided the replacement complies with this policy.
  • No Replacement: No refund will be issued.
  • Non-Attendance: No refund will be provided.

Extenuating Circumstances Policy

IAP2 Australasia considers applications to waive cancellation fees under extenuating circumstances. Acceptable circumstances typically include illness, personal or family emergencies, and religious holidays. Documentation may be required to support such claims. Conflicts due to job interviews, career pursuits, personal or professional commitments, or travel do not qualify for a waiver.

Special Provisions for Public Face-to-Face Training/Events

For public face-to-face training or events within 10 working days, the following extenuating circumstances policy applies:

  • Replacement Participant: No cancellation fee will apply if a compliant replacement is found.
  • 10 Working Days Prior: 70% of the full registration fee will be refunded.
  • 5 to 9 Working Days Prior: 50% of the full registration fee will be refunded.
  • Less than 5 Working Days: No refund available, substitution only.
  • Non-Attendance: No refund for non-attendance.

IAP2 Australasia reserves the right to adjust these policies as necessary and will communicate any changes as they occur.

Satisfactory Completion of Course

In order to satisfactorily complete the Course, you must do all of the following:

  1. Attend all course sessions and take part in all course activities as required by IAP2A for the duration of the course.
  2. The course attendance policy requires full attendance at all sessions to complete the course and receive your certificate. The only exception is an absence due to extenuating circumstances by reason of: Illness, Personal or Family Emergency and Religious holidays. Conflicts due to job interviews, career pursuits, weddings, personal/professional commitments or travel will not be deemed as valid reasons to justify an absence. Any absence should be notified to IAP2A via email to training@iap2.org.au in advance of the scheduled session if possible.

Please note: any missed training session/s will require completion by the end of this academic year, i.e., 31 December 2022, to qualify for a course certificate.

Membership Terms and Conditions

1.1 Eligibility, application and admission of Members

  1. Any Natural person or corporation committed to the Principal Purpose of the Company, its core values and code of ethics as published by the Board from time to time, may be a Member provided:
  1. application for Membership is made on the prescribed Application Form and the Membership fee (if any) has been paid;
  1. the person or applicant agrees in writing to provide a guarantee of not less than the Guaranteed Amount to defray such liabilities and expenses of the Company upon its winding up or dissolution;
  1. the application for Membership has been accepted by the Board and such acceptance may be determined by the Board using any criteria as the Board alone may determine; and
  1. the name of the Member has been entered in the Register of Members.
  1. The Board may decline any application for Membership and is not bound to give reasons why the application was not accepted.
  1. The first Members shall be those named as members in the application for the Company’s registration under the Act provided they have consented to become Members.
  1. A Member is entitled to:
  1. nominate Members for election to the Board;
  1. by any means permitted by law receive notices of, attend, speak at, and vote at a general meeting of the Company;
  1. be nominated for, elected for and hold office on the Board; and
  1. receive such other benefits of Membership as are determined by the Board from time to time.
  1. The minimum number of Members is five.
  1. The rights of any Member are not transferable.


1.2 Register of Members

  1. The Secretary will maintain a Register of Members at the Company’s registered office.
  1. When an applicant has been accepted for Membership the Secretary will cause the Member’s name to be entered in the Register of Members and will send to the Member written notice of the acceptance.
  1. The address of a Member in that Register will be the address  of the Member for the purpose of service of any notices to Members.


1.3 Discipline of Members

  1. The Board may by resolution expel a Member from the Company if, in their absolute discretion, they decide it is not in the interests of the Company for the person to remain a Member.
  1. If  the  Board  intends  to  consider  a  resolution   under   clause 2.3(a), at least 21 days before the meeting at which the resolution is to be considered, they must give the Member written notice:
  1. stating the date, place and time of the meeting;
  1. setting out the intended resolution and the grounds on which it is based; and
  1. informing the Member that he or she may attend the meeting and may give an oral or written explanation or submission before the resolution is put to the vote.
  1. Any Member excluded from the Company may at any time apply to the Board to be readmitted as a Member.
  1. No person may be a Director following expulsion or during suspension as a Member unless such a person is subsequently readmitted as a Member.


1.4 Cessation of Membership

  1. A person ceases to be a Member on:
  1. resignation; or
  1. if they have failed to pay their membership fees and the fees have remained outstanding for more than 60 days; or
  1. in the case of a Natural person:
  1. death;
  1. becoming bankrupt or insolvent or making an arrangement or composition with creditors of the person’s joint or separate estate generally;
  1. the termination of the person’s Membership by the Board or by the Company in general meeting in accordance with this Constitution; or
  1. the Directors deeming, in their sole discretion, the Member to be an untraceable member because the person has not responded to correspondence sent to the contact details entered in the Members Register for that Member; or
  1. in the case of a body corporate:
  1. being dissolved or otherwise ceasing to exist;
  1. having a liquidator or provisional liquidator appointed to it;
  1. being insolvent; or
  1. the Directors deeming, in their sole discretion, the Member to be an untraceable member because the Member has not responded to correspondence sent to the contact details entered in the Register of Members for that Member.
  1. A Member whose Membership is terminated will be liable for all moneys due by that Member to the Company in addition to any sum not exceeding the Guaranteed Amount for which the Member is liable under this Constitution.
  1. A Member whose Membership is terminated will not make any claim, monetary or otherwise, on the Company, its funds or property except as a creditor thereof.
  1. Any person or corporation who for any reason ceases to be a Member shall no longer represent themselves in any manner as being a Member.


1.5 Member Corporations

  1. This clause shall apply to Members of the Company that are corporations and not Natural persons.
  1. Before each general meeting, a Member must appoint a person as the Member’s proxy to attend and vote for the Member at the meeting in relation to any resolutions put to Members.

For more information, please see the full IAP2 Australasia Constitution