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Give us your top 3

IAP2 Australasia 2022 Conference 26 - 28 October image banner

We’d love to hear your ideas for this year’s conference.

This year’s IAP2 Australasia Conference will see a welcome return to face-to-face sessions where industry leaders and innovators will come together to discuss engagement practice and thinking around the conference themes of Brave. New. World.

The event provides a rare opportunity for community engagement professionals, practitioners and decision makers to gather together, learn new ideas and celebrate professional success. In 2022, a program is being built which will foster a greater amount of knowledge sharing between all delegates – not just the presenters.

Of course, keynote presenters are still a valuable addition to the program, as they inspire us with their expertise and storytelling to inspire genuine, positive change. Keynote presenters can be external to the engagement profession – what better way for a fresh perspective? – or, of course, engagement leaders.

So, we would love to hear your top 3 suggestions for a keynote speaker. Who would YOU like to see on stage at the conference?

And if you don’t have any speaker suggestions, but do have some great ideas for the type of topics you would like to see discussed in panel discussions, or engagement practice-related issues to workshop, then feel free to provide your suggestions as well. These ideas can centre around any of the conceptual themes of Brave, New and World.

In the meantime, have you saved the date? The conference will be held in Melbourne from 26 – 28 October.

Ultra early bird tickets will be released soon. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.