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Measuring Progress is as natural as growing up

Measuring and comparing progress is a natural part of growing up for most of us. As a kid with my sisters we marked our progress with pencil marks and initials on a door jam. My nephews, nieces and grandkids use a giraffe graphic on their wall.

Losing my own family door jam height contest has not diminished my passion to measure, grow and mature my practice.

As community engagement matures and we are being asked to show our worth and back our claim for resources and focus. For community engagement in Australasia until recently we have lacked a strong ruler or our very own “giraffe graphic” to build our progress. IAP2 last year began the process of building an engagement ruler with the launch of the Quality Assurance Standards.

I’ve been working with the Quality Standard and practitioners and managers to build practical tools to measure the impact of community engagement practice. The standards along with measurement need to become part of building our culture of using measurement to progress our practice and its impact.

I’m looking forward to the IAP2 Australasia Conference as an opportunity to launch my free and comprehensive webinar series on Engagement Impact – measuring for progress.

Anne Pattillo is the founder of Pattillo. Pattillo is a 2016 Australasia Conference Power theme Partner.

Visit www.iap2conference.com.au for more information.