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Influencing the influencers – we want your ideas

Hello from Western Australia, where the IAP2 chapter has developed a plan on a page for 2017.

The key focus for this year is to support local practitioners and influence other professions to get more involved in community engagement.

Other community engagement specialists throughout Australia are probably facing the same issue – how do we get planners, engineers, state and local governments, and project managers to recognise the need for engagement, call on us for help and feel comfortable with working with the community?

Do we offer to be guest speaker at their events? Do we encourage them to offer a category for community engagement in their statewide awards? Send your ideas or some web links showing great examples to info@iap2.org.au. We look forward to your contributions.

Deanie Carbon

IAP2 WA Convenor

Carolyn Walker, Andrew Huffer and Genevieve

Plan on a Page

Developing the practice and supporting practitioners in Western Australia
  • Consult with WA members on the 2017 Plan and topics of interest
  • Engage IAP2 HQ on services and support to the local network
  • Offer a range of quarterly locally co-ordinated events on topics of interest
  • Offer informal networking events to sustain the community or practice
  • Form small working groups to host formal and informal events
Influencing the influencers in adopting a more engaging approach to decision making
  • Identify an element of the practice/policy to bring to decision makers attention (eg: Why engage, leading practice, Deliberative Democracy)
  • Identify a demonstration project and/or leadership event to progress this conversation
  • Develop an engagement and communications plan
  • Build networks with key stakeholders to promote the practice/policy

Helen Grzyb, Melissa Turner and Charlotte Carlish