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IAP2 Australasia Conference Partner – Engagement Plus

At Engagement Plus we are focused on community engagement practice and having impact for a number of outcomes: for the project or decision, for the practitioner and their expertise, for stronger communities, and for the organisation to have engagement as an intrinsic part of their culture. Part of their DNA!

Through our range of services, we seek to create a culture of engagement practice where your organisation is able to connect with all relevant stakeholders, create greater understanding, collaborative relationships, effective decision making and appropriate action. Knowing who needs to be involved, how to engage them, anticipating the diverse issues, concerns and opportunities that arise using the appropriate engagement methods is what we can offer your organisation.

Engagement Plus is proud to be a partner of this year’s IAP2 Australasian Conference – The Future of Engagement and Democracy and particularly the POWER theme. In more recent years we have been guiding organisations to consider their decision making practice, and their use of power beyond what might be their statutory power or their ‘legacy’ power. To explore the opportunities of sharing power in decision making. But this takes more than the use of collaborative methods, co-design or ‘people centred’ approaches. They in themselves may be effective for the problem or project at hand, but not enough to change the heart and soul of the organisation’s engagement practice and therefore, their engagement impact.

We have established a framework for organisations to better understand their practice through a number of different dimensions. This ‘diagnosis’ then guides the development of a plan for action that goes beyond the ‘training fix’ and having a few ‘champions’ to a more enduring change. An engagement-centred organisation.

Looking forward to seeing great colleagues and new friends at the 2016 IAP2 Australasia Conference October 17-19.

Engagement Plus is the 2016 Australasia Conference Power theme Partner.

Visit www.iap2conference.com.au for more information.