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How has the IAP2A Certificate in Engagement played a part in your journey? Meet Clare…

Pat's Lookout scenery, cliffs and water running through

Community engagement has taken my career to so many different places over the years.  I have been lucky enough to have been employed as a weed management officer, scientific research technician, park ranger, wildlife ranger, horticulturalist, nursery manager, community engagement officer and environmental educator. In-between times I’ve been a parent, a scout leader, made coffee, cleaned houses, sung songs, sat on committees and have been a part of many different community organisations. Community Engagement has been at the basis of just about everything I have ever done and has gifted me with some incredible experiences.

Community engagement has been at the basis of almost every job I have ever had and I am just about to move to Alice Springs to take up a dream role as manager of the community engagement and volunteer programs for the Department of Tourism, Sport and Culture. For me this is a chance to be able to really influence the way that people interact with and feel comfortable in their environment. Being able to say that I hold a Certificate in Community Engagement gave me a real head start when I applied for this role.

While I have always worked in jobs that require a high level of community engagement I didn’t really understand what I did until I was able to unpack it with skills gained through my participation in the Certificate of Engagement offered by iap2. Having a better understanding of the theory that underpins what I do every day has meant that I am better able to answer the needs to the communities that I work with. The certificate is also becoming a qualification recognised by industry as one that gives practitioners a solid skill set that enables them to operate in the incredibly varied world of community engagement.

Being able to better engage with the people that you work with gives you the ability to help them change their world.

I have stood on the edge of the Nitmiluk escarpment with a lady who was afraid of heights and watched her as she marvelled at the view down into the gorge. I have chatted about crocodiles with kids who have lost relatives to croc attack. I have had my own environment brought to life again as I explored the world with children and I have watched people cry as they stared up at the stars on a cold, clear night.

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Clare and I connect community to country.