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Since 2014, over 9000 participants have completed IAP2 Australasia’s Engagement Essentials training.

And for the first time, this valuable module for anyone who wants, or needs, to engage is available to study in our facilitated virtual classroom.

This means that Engagement Essentials is now more accessible and more affordable than ever.

(Watch this space as other training modules will be available in our virtual classroom over the coming weeks.)

Get started with Engagement Essentials

In this prerequisite for IAP2 Australasia’s Certificate in Engagement, you will learn the key models of engagement and practice, and how:

  • the community Engagement Model helps you to decide whether the organisation is responsible, or whether the community should take the lead or if should work together, giving you clarity to your planning.
  • the five-step Design Platform ensures you make the right decisions, and are working in the right ‘profile’, and,
  • the IAP2 Spectrum helps you decide how much influence on the decision is allowed.

This module – perfect for everyone from the first time engager to the CEO or Manager, outlines the essential elements of a ‘best practice’ contemporary model for engagement and the next steps you, or your organisation need to take.

Our team of trainers have been busy converting this hallmark training into a digital format with all of the interactive learning activities, skills training plus the outstanding level of facilitation our participants have come to expect from an IAP2 Australasia course.

Participants will be provided with access to our virtual classroom, manuals and workbooks. All you need to do is bring a cuppa and dress in your most comfortable work-from-home outfit!