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2019 Core Values Awards Case Study | Plan your Brisbane

Brisbane City Council and Articulous
Winner: Planning project, Project of the Year, International Project of the Year

Brisbane is changing. New industries, new jobs, new technologies and new export relationships are creating a new world of opportunity for Brisbane. Meanwhile changes in demographics, climate, and transport will change the way we live day-to-day. Brisbane is also growing. The South East Queensland Regional Plan 2017 predicts the population will increase by 386,000 people by 2041 and that there will be a need to accommodate an additional 188,000 dwellings in this time.

Plan your Brisbane was an important citywide conversation with the community, initiated by Brisbane City Council (Council), about a broad range of issues, priorities and opportunities for this growing city. The engagement process was focused on how to develop a community-based Charter of Principles (the Charter) and ideas that would guide and shape the city’s future.


Plan your Brisbane was an innovative community engagement program about the future of Brisbane and how the city will accommodate 386,000 more residents by 2041. Involving more than 277,000 interactions and generating more than 100,000 contributions it was the largest planning engagement exercise conducted by a local government in Australia.  Plan your Brisbane generated more than 15,000 ideas by everyone from primary school students to senior residents.

Brisbane City Council has a longstanding history of engagement with the community and IAP2 is a key foundation of Council’s engagement planning and delivery. Winning three IAP2 awards including Planning, Australasian and International Project of the Year is a great honour amongst a high-quality field of award entries. It is extremely pleasing that the judges drew particular attention to the breadth and depth of engagement achieved through Plan your Brisbane, as a model for others.

The engagement allowed Council to understand the community’s views with respect to key issues including housing supply and choice, liveability, transport and greenspace. Importantly, the community engagement has created a legacy of community-driven ideas about how to plan for the future and informed Brisbane’s Future Blueprint to help ensure our city thrives as a friendly and liveable place for future generations.

Brisbane City Council would like to thank IAP2 for this recognition, the energetic participation of the Brisbane community, and the dedication and creativity of Council’s project team, Articulous and JSA, who helped shape and deliver a very successful engagement program. Congratulations to all involved!”

Brisbane City Council and Articulous / Sean Cullen, Manager, Neighbourhood Planning and Urban Renewal, Brisbane City Council