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IAP2 International | Online Engagement Master Class 

Online engagement has gone from being the Next Big Thing in public participation to a “given”; but there are still a lot of questions and answers and lessons to be learned. We are delighted to bring together two of the more well-received presentations from the 2019 IAP2 North American Conference in Charlotte, NC, to bring some of those issues into focus.

Miranda Eng of Context – An Argyle Company – will share some of the tactics and lessons her colleagues have learned about the Art and Science of Online Engagement. Really, it’s harder than it looks. Joining Miranda will be the co-presenters of Transforming Public Apathy: How Online Engagement is Revitalizing North Carolina. Jamille Robbins, Ashley Bush and Dave Biggs will discuss how the North Carolina Department of Transportation combined creative online public participation techniques with an inspired communications strategy, leading to a 7,000% increase in participation.


Date: Wednesday, 10 June 2020
Time: 4:00am AEST
Cost: IAP2 Members: Free; non-members: $50 (CAD + GST)

Please note: this webinar is hosted in North America, hence the early start time. Please register to receive a recording afterwards if you can’t attend the live webinar.

How to register

Members, please email info@iap2.org.au to register. Non-members, please register here.