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Enhance your professional presence

Build your confidence and gain new perspective

Engaging with Influence is one of IAP2 Australasia’s elective modules in community and stakeholder engagement training, and is suitable for all levels of engagement experience. The sessions are highly interactive where you can network with professionals across varied industries.

The aim of Engaging with Influence is to help engagement practitioners enhance their professional presence. The course explores ways to be “taken seriously” as an engagement practitioner, or how to manage situations where you are the lone voice of engagement in the organisation or “locked out of the room”.

The objectives of Engaging with Influence are to:

  • Examine the context in which you work and need to positively influence the views of others
  • Explore ideas for engaging with more senior colleagues and clients
  • Examine key courses to build respect and relationships
  • Build a repertoire of skills to practise.
  • Map your network of influencers to reach decision makers

By the end of this course you will have the skills to enhance your professional impact and presence.

Why train with IAP2 Australasia

The IAP2 Australasia Certificate in Engagement is increasingly becoming the standard employers look for when hiring community engagement practitioners.

You will gain access to the right tools, resources and proven methods while connecting with other experts and organisations through continuous education with IAP2 Australasia.

IAP2 Australasia provides well-respected and industry-leading training in community and stakeholder engagement. Our training is tailored for all levels of education and experience, from the first time engager to managers and decision makers who benefit from quality engagement processes.

The benefits of IAP2 Australasia training:

  • Practical knowledge and theory delivered in an inclusive training environment
  • Training is participatory and experiential, with lots of positive interaction between participants from a diverse range of backgrounds
  • Materials are contextualised for Australia and New Zealand
  • All trainers are experienced trainers AND practitioners, able to reflect on current and real-world examples
  • Flexible learning pathways for participants ensuring that all training is relevant and applicable
  • Certificate in Engagement is recognised as the standard for engagement professionals
  • All participants receive a quality training manual, with access to additional resources via our online forum (where applicable)
  • All training delivered in professional training environments, in close proximity to public transport options

Want to know more about our training?

Find out more information on the IAP2 Certificate in Engagement, In-House Training, Skill Electives, Foundations in Public Participation and our Licensed Trainers.

Have a question?

Email us at training@iap2.org.au and our friendly team will be very happy to help answer your questions.

What others are saying

Virtual Engagement Essentials participant, May 2020

“I think the digital environment enabled us to collaborate more than in a classroom setting, because we got to use the jamboard and annotate the slides with [the trainer].”

Virtual Engagement Essentials participant, May 2020

“I was overwhelmed by how good the course was via zoom and not in person!”

Engagement Essentials participant, February 2020

“[The most useful aspect was] the practical application of the theory through the exercises – this enabled insightful group discussion, it challenged my thinking, it allowed me to engage with wonderful people and share experiences, and it enabled me to apply this thinking to my current work practices. Not having a role where the core focus is on engagement, I really did get a great deal out of this day. I deal with stakeholders everyday but I recognise the need to do this more effectively.”

Engagement Essentials participant, February 2020

“It was useful Learning language and being able to translate what I do, in terms community consultants understand.”

Engagement Essentials participant, February 2020

“I can honestly say that all material covered was useful for me. I am very keen to learn more, and put my learnings and new tools into practice.”

Engagement Essentials participant, February 2020

“The practical nature of putting theory into practice with real life examples makes this training incredibly rewarding and useful.”

Engagement Essentials participant, February 2020

“The opportunity to facilitate and be involved in a number of brief engagement methods to improve confidence and see them delivered.”

Jonas - Public Transport Victoria

“The engagement course that we’ve just completed was one of the best courses that I have ever attended. The mix of theory and practical application, relating it directly to what we all do in our everyday worklife and the quality of the course material and in particular the facilitator made it all super useful and insightful.”

Engagement Essentials participant, February 2019

“There was nothing I thought I couldn’t apply to my role.”

Engagement Essentials participant, April 2019

“I felt the most useful aspect was the integration between learning from the Facilitator and interacting with and learning from others. It was an excellent blend.”

Engagement Essentials participant, July 2019

“It should be a ‘must do’ for any public organisation.”

Engagement Essentials participant, February 2019

“I have an engineering background and found that the course provided me with fantastic perspective and some approaches to improving my Project Management Skillset. Don’t necessarily need to specialize in engagement to benefit from this course.”