IAP2 International: RFP for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Audit


IAP2 is currently undergoing a process of organisational evaluation and change. In this context IAP2 is seeking to ensure that it is a world-class representative, inclusive and widely relevant organisation. IAP2 believes that in order to achieve its mission as a professional organisation dedicated to advancing and extending the practice of public participation, and to remaining influential in the future, it needs the informed and active representation of diverse perspectives, ideas and influences.

Against this background the International Board of IAP2 has resolved to undertake a diversity audit of the organisation as part of the change process.

Diversity is understood broadly as follows:

  • Diversity and inclusiveness. Indicators in IAP2 would include diverse representation and inclusiveness in governance structures, membership, policy and product development processes and outreach activities.
  • Attractiveness and accessibility. Indicators in IAP2 would include the extent to which the organisation and its offerings attract input and participation from a diverse body of stakeholders, and the ease (or difficulty) of getting involved.
  • Openness and active inquiry / learning. Indicators in IAP2 would include the manner and extent to which IAP2 (structures, policies, products, activities) are open to perspectives, ideas and influences beyond current IAP2 orthodoxy and sphere of influence, and whether there is active pursuit of these.
  • IAP2 seeks a partner to undertake the proposed audit. The broad objective of the audit is to inform organisational change measures that will enhance and sustain diversity in IAP2 across the dimensions outlined above.

The scope of work includes the steps outlined below:

  • Identify the areas of IAP2 organisation and activity that will be subject to audit review. These should include at least:
    • Governance structures (boards, board committees, advisory bodies)
    • Foundational documents including values, policies, procedures, guidelines and standards (including Core Values, Code of Ethics, Spectrum of Public Participation)
    • Training structures, processes and products (training advisory functions, product development processes, trainer training and certification, training courses)
    • Advocacy and outreach activities (Core Values Awards, member services, membership expansion processes (including emerging regions), partnerships and the selection of partner organisations, research and support to research).
  • Develop draft audit criteria and metrics for these elements of organisation and activity, covering diversity, accessibility and openness as appropriate.
  • Present audit scope and criteria proposals in a brief inception report to be reviewed by the International Board.
  • Conduct the audit using a methodology and in a timeframe approved by the Board.
  • Develop proposals and a clear action plan to address diversity audit findings, including both remedial and optimization inputs. The plan should encourage and support advances in organisational diversity, equity and inclusion in areas including leadership, membership, operations, programs, services, partners, policies and organisational culture.

Project Phasing

The assignment will be undertaken in two phases. This RFP addresses only the first phase. The phases are:

  • Phase 1. Audit of IAP2 at international level (areas of operation that fall under the auspices of IAP2 International, or where IAP2 international has significant influence)
  • Phase 2. Audit of the wider IAP2 organisation (including established and emerging regional structures). The findings and outcomes of Phase 1 will determine the nature and scope of Phase 2, including preparatory communication and engagement.

How to Apply / Contact


All inquiries related to this RFP must be directed in writing to operations@iap2.org. Information obtained from any other source is not official and should not be relied on. Inquiries and responses will be shared with all potential bidders.

Should a correction be made or additional information released in connection with this RFP, it will be issued in the form of an Addendum and will be provided to all potential bidders.


The bidder’s proposal will be limited to 12 pages (single sided); font size no smaller than 12 points on 8.5 x 11 (or A4) size paper and submitted electronically. The proposal must have a Table of Contents. The bidder’s proposal must consist of the following items arranged in the order given.

  • Company Profile – include documentation to support organisational stability, relevant staff and related biographies, details providing area of expertise and relevant accomplishments
  • Previous Experience (relevant to this project) – Provide a list of previous comparable projects with similar scope and related project goals and outcomes achieved. List any associated challenges.
  • Subcontractors – List any proposed subcontractors and provide details on capability, experience and identify the work they will undertake as part of this project.
  • Proposed Approach & Methodology – Provide details on your proposed approach to undertaking this work, including expected outcomes and deliverables. Also, include a proposed project timeline or action plan and proposed reporting/communication with IAP2.
  • Financial Information – All quotes must be provided in US Dollars and must include a budget, timeline and list of deliverables. Any anticipated travel and related expenses anticipated during the term of the contract must be detailed and included in the bid.
  • References – Contact names, phone numbers and email addresses for references that can provide information relevant to bidder’s experience on related types of work undertaken in the last three years
  • Conflict of Interest – All bidders will be required to declare any conflict of interest with the organisation.
  • Support from IAP2 – All proposals must include what support will be required from IAP2 during the time of the contract.
  • Indicate willingness to sign the Independent Contractor Agreement (insert hyperlink), or please submit a redlined copy identifying any requested changes.


Proposals must be submitted by 5:00 PM PST (US/Canada) on Monday, December 2, 2019

Proposals must be submitted via email to: operations@iap2.org (Cover letters can be addressed to Ms. Ellen Ernst, Executive Manager, IAP2).

The bidder shall bear all costs for preparing the proposal.


It is expected this contract will begin immediately following awarding and completion is expected by 31 March 2020.


  • Request for Proposal released – October 31, 2019
  • Register Intent to Submit and Questions – November 14, 2019
  • Proposal submission deadline – December 2, 2019
  • Notification of successful bidder – December 20, 2019
  • Start date of contract – January 1, 2020
  • Completion date of contract – March 31, 2020

*IAP2 reserves the right to modify the schedule at any time


Evaluation of proposals will be by a committee of individuals selected for their expertise in developing similar programs.

Mandatory Requirements

  • The proposal must be received electronically by the closing date or will be disqualified from consideration.
  • The proposal must be signed by a person authorized to sign on behalf of the bidder.
  • The proposal must include all estimated costs for fees and disbursements in US Dollars up to a maximum of $25,000.
  • IAP2 is a non-profit organisation, so cost-efficiency is critical. IAP2 may wish to negotiate costs with preferred bidders.


  • Demonstrated ability to provide the required services – 30%
  • Experience in developing similar process for international nonprofit organisations – 30%
  • Proposed approach, methodology and cost – 25%
  • Appreciation of international context – 15%

IAP2 reserves the right to accept the proposal most favourable to the interests of the organisation, and not necessarily the lowest cost proposal. Or, it may decide not to accept any proposal.