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IAP2 Ambassadors

IAP2 Ambassadors are leaders in the field of public participation. Ambassadors have been practicing community and stakeholder engagement for more than 7 years, some more than 20, across Australia and New Zealand. All have had a long association with IAP2 and have volunteered in some capacity to help advance the practice of public participation across Australasia.

IAP2 Ambassadors have experience working across a variety of sectors including planning, infrastructure, transport, communications, environment, health, engineering, emergency services, indigenous and across all levels of government, local, state, federal and central.

As the International Association for Public Participation, we are committed to supporting organisations understand and implement best practice engagement principles. The IAP2 Foundations including the Public Participation Spectrum, Core Values, Quality Assurance Standards and the Community Engagement Model are key to understanding how to implementing good engagement processes.

IAP2 Ambassadors are located around Australia and New Zealand and are available to deliver short talks or detailed workshops to teams, seminars and conferences to help others understand the importance of community and stakeholder engagement and how it can lead to more sustainable decision making.

For more information contact ambassador@iap2.org.au.


Current IAP2 Ambassadors

Sioux Campbell

Sioux is the Disaster Management Resilience Officer and Company Principal at Cairns Regional Council and Chameleon PR Ltd (pro bono). She is a long-standing member of IAP2 and has significant practice experience. Sioux has been a Public Relations and Engagement Practitioner for many years throughout New Zealand and more recently in Far North Queensland. Sioux is a skilled facilitator with experience ranging from facilitating national events to small, local training and engagement activities.

Lucy Cole-Edelstein

Lucy is the Director of Straight Talk Pty Ltd. Lucy has held numerous positions within IAP2 Australasia and was the original host of the inaugural committee. She has over 25 years’ experience working across all three levels of government, non-government and the private sector, specialising in planning, policy, health, community services, infrastructure, environment and strategic planning. Lucy has won multiple IAP2 awards and is passionate about the practice of community and stakeholder engagement.

Michelle Feenan

Michelle is the Director of Engagement Plus in Queensland. She has also been IAP2 Australasia Regional Coordinator for two years. Michelle has been a Licensed Trainer since 2007 with practice experience in local government – community development, social impacts and community planning, corporate services strategic planning and many other sectors. Michelle has been invited to speak on a range of community engagement topics by Engagement Australia, Australian Taxation Office, Local Government Managers Association, Local Government Association of Qld, Planning Institute of Australia and Public Relations Institute of Australia. She has also been invited to assist with the judging of the Core Value Awards for the IAP2 South Africa Affiliate.

Jill Hannaford

Jill is the Leader for Stakeholder Engagement and Social Sustainability at GHD Pty Ltd. Jill is the founding member of IAP2 Australasia and has held several formal roles since, including Vice Chair, Conference Chair, Regional Coordinator and International Board Member. Jill is one of Australia’s most highly regarded stakeholder and community engagement professionals with over 25 years’ experience across a range of sectors including; transport, environment, education, health, urban renewal, water and property. Jill is committed to IAP2’s Core Values and leaving a legacy of best practice community engagement.

Max Hardy

Max is Principal of Max Hardy Consulting. Max has been a member of IAP2 Australasia since its inception in 1999. He has served in many roles in this time including as Secretary/Treasurer, Licensed Trainer, Master Trainer and Committee Chair. Max specialises in deliberative engagement processes and organisational capacity building across key sectors including; health, environment, infrastructure, science and local government. Max took out the IAP2 Core Values Project of the Year Award in 2007 and 2015 and has presented at numerous conferences and events.

Margaret Harvie

Margaret is the Director of PlanCom Consulting. Margaret has been a member of IAP2 Australasia since 1999 and helped establish the Queensland network in 2000. She has also served as Vice President of the Board and member of the IAP2 International Board. She is a current IAP2 Trainer, an Associate for the University of Technology Sydney – Institute for Public Policy and Governance and an Associate for the Civil Service College, Singapore. Margaret has over 20 years’ experience in community engagement and social impact assessment on all three levels of Government and the private sector. She is actively involved as a consultant working with state and local governments to help them effectively plan, deliver and report on community engagement.

Carol Hayward

Carol is the Community Engagement Manager for Waitemata District Health Board in Auckland. Carol has been a member of IAP2 Australasia for over seven years and has served as both Regional Coordinator and as a Board Member. Carol has over 10 years’ experience in local government and has been a regular speaker at community networks, events and conferences. Carol’s experience includes a range of digital approaches to broaden community engagement.

Nicole Hunter

Nicole is the Co-Founder and Director of Mosaic Lab and Fire Light Consulting. As a member of IAP2 Australasia for 13 years, Nicole has served in various positions including as Board Member and Practice Committee Member and Chair. Nicole is an experienced facilitator and engagement practitioner, specialising in deliberative democracy, outrage management and community engagement post disaster. Nicole is a highly qualified presenter in the field of community and stakeholder engagement.

Abbie Jeffs

Abbie is the Community Engagement Manager for UrbanGrowth NSW. She has been a member of IAP2 for over 15 years and has contributed to the organisation of several past conferences in NSW. Abbie has broad experience in designing and facilitating engagement activities. She currently works in a complex government environment and co-authored the ‘Join In’ Guide.

Moira Lawler

Moira is the General Manager of Lifewise and has been a member of IAP2 Australasia for 10 years, serving as a Board member, Awards judge and informal organiser of the Wellington Regional Network in this time. Moira has significant experience in both the public and private sectors and specialises in place based planning.

Carla Leversedge

Carla is a Manager of Community Development and Engagement. Carla has been a corporate member of IAP2 Australasia since May 2010 serving as President and Treasurer of the Board during this time. Carla specialises in working with decision makers at federal, state and local government levels – designing over 500 successful community engagement strategies including highly controversial campaigns such as rating review, land sales and high density urban planning strategies. Carla is an award-winning report writer (APRA Bronze for City of Playford Annual Report) and is currently working on academic research into linkages between community engagement and community wellbeing. Carla has extensive facilitation experience with a speciality in outrage highly emotive public meetings.

Joel Levin

Joel Levin is the Managing Director of Aha! Consulting! He has been a member of IAP2 Australasia for the past decade and is the founding Regional Coordinator for WA. Joel has 10 years’ experience in the design, delivery and evaluation of engagement across multiple sectors and contexts. He is highly committed to the practice of community and stakeholder engagement and has delivered a series of successful national forums.

Amanda Newbery

Amanda is the founder and Managing Director of Articulous. Amanda is an award-winning communications and engagement professional who has made a career out of tackling difficult projects across the country. A passionate and experienced communicator, she has worked with some of the country’s largest organisations and government organisations nationally. She is a sought-after issues and crisis advisor, especially for major corporations. A former journalist, Amanda is a communications strategist with skills in community and stakeholder engagement, media relations, corporate communication and training.

Ben Parsons

Ben is the Managing Director of Buzz Channel and has been a member of IAP2 Australasia for ten years. He has held positions such as Regional Coordinator NZ and Auckland Organising Committee member for the past few years. During the last ten years, Ben has been involved in a large number of community engagement and consultation processes, working with decision-makers, project teams, stakeholders and the community across many sectors and industry types. Ben is a champion of best practice community and stakeholder engagement and is a two-time winner of Auckland Council’s Consultation and Engagement Awards (the ‘Consult’ category in 2011 and the ‘Involve’ category in 2012). He has also presented at a number of IAP2 events.

Anne Pattillo

Anne is the Director of Patillo Ltd and has been a member of IAP2 for 16 years holding positions such as; International President, Secretary to IAP2 International and Deputy President. In her consultancy, Anne provides engagement project design, management and advice services, dealing with a variety of government agencies. Anne has significant speaking experience in the field of community engagement – presenting at a range of conferences. She also helped to develop the IAP2 Australasia Certificate in Engagement.

Leisa Prowse headsh

Leisa Prowse

Leisa is the Director of Leisa Prowse Consulting. Leisa has been a member of IAP2 Australasia for over 17 years and has held several positions in that time including; Queensland Regional Coordinator, Training Coordinator and Board Secretary. Leisa has almost 30 years of experience in community and stakeholder engagement, social impact assessment, and local and regional planning. She has contributed to more than 230 complex transport, resources, energy, water, property and planning projects for the public and private sector across the country. She is tertiary qualified in both town planning and communication and is a trained presentation coach.

Desley Renton

Desley is the Manager of Community Engagement for the City of Melbourne. She has been a member of IAP2 Australasia for 13 years, serving as President and Board Member in this time, including as International Board President. Desley has won four IAP2 awards including Australasian and International Organisation of the Year and has taken out several other Community Engagement Awards.

Mark Ritch

Mark is the Manager for Community Engagement at Places Victoria. Mark served on a Director on the Board of IAP2 Australasia and has over 15 years’ experience in public sector community development and engagement specialising in earth resources and urban renewal industries.

Michael Robertson

Michael Robertson is Principal of MR Communications Services. Michael has been a member of IAP2 Australasia since 2002 and served on the Board from 2010 – 2014. Michael has specialised skills ranging from community and stakeholder engagement to project management, facilitation and communication. He has a Graduate Diploma in Communication Management from UTS and a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Sydney. Michael is a longstanding member of IAP2 and an advocate for its Core Values. He has been a part of several project teams who have won Core Values Awards and was a member of the 2018 Core Values Awards judging panel.

Alice Sherring

Alice Sherring is the Director of Chatterbox Engagement where she carries out community engagement training, engagement consultancy services, guest speaking and mentoring. Alice is an IAP2 Professional Trainer, IAP2 Core Values Awards winner and former IAP2 Australasia QLD State and Regional Coordinator. Alice has a background in Local Government and has extensive community engagement experience.

Jan Taylor

Jan Taylor is the Principal at JTA Australia and has been a member of IAP2 Australasia for eight years. Jan has acted as a judge for the Core Values Awards as well as Inaugural sponsor. Jan’s experience covers a wide variety of sectors and she is an experienced public speaker both nationally and internationally. Jan is a strong mentor in the field of community and stakeholder engagement.

Vivien Twyford

Vivien Twyford is the Director of Twyfords and Life Member of IAP2 with over 19 years’ involvement in the organisation – including serving as Inaugural President of the Australasian Chapter in 1998 and International Board Member thereafter. Vivien has been a community and stakeholder engagement consultant with Twyfords since 1992 and currently specialises in Collaborative Practice using the Power of Co Pathway.

Vivian Warren

Vivian Warren is the Director of Viv Warren Consulting and has over 16 years’ experience working with organisations to engage their stakeholders and the community in decision making processes and to embed engagement as a way of doing business. She has a highly recognised track record of designing and managing engagement processes for complex and controversial decisions across a wide range of public and private sector organisations. Vivian has a strong commitment to advancing community engagement practice which is demonstrated through her long term involvement with IAP2 Australasia as Board member, State Coordinator and Committee Member. She has a degree in Social Psychology and Social Research, an honours in the Social Sciences and a Graduate Certificate in Social Impact at the University of Western Australia.

Kimbra White

Kimbra White is the Director of Kimbra White Consulting. Kimbra has been a member of IAP2 Australasia since 2006 and has served in several roles including as a Board of Director in this time. Kimbra provides community engagement advice and facilitation services to a range clients including the public sector and not-for-profit organisations. She also sits on the Victorian Local Government Association Panel on Community Governance. Kimbra recently participated in the Deliberation Masterclass and undertook a peer review of deliberative practices with leading academic Lyn Carson.

Tracey Wilson

Tracey Wilson has owned her boutique consultancy Working Visions for over seventeen years . She has been a member of IAP2 Australasia for nine years, serving as Board Director for four years, Communications Committee Chair and a member of the Finance and Risk Committee. Tracey has a special interest in building the capacity of regional communities, particularly in Northern Australia. She has expertise in local government, disaster, crisis and Indigenous engagement and is a regular presenter on these issues.