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2019 IAP2 Australasia Conference

The annual IAP2 Australasia Conference has a reputation as the preeminent event in Australasia for engagement and communications professionals.

The 2019 conference was held over three days in Sydney, NSW with a program which explored themes of building trust, creating connected communities and the future and the potential of community and stakeholder engagement.

Engagement unlocked conference videos

Keynote Presentation: Sprints in community development
Young people don’t give a sh1t, why should we?
Unlocking the value of local connections relationship based engagement
From drab to fab: Tapping into the fun side of Youth Engagement

Going deeper together

Cross cultural engagement – The Aboriginal males healing centre development

Next Generation research update – Understanding social risk in the infrastructure sector

International Keynote Panel: Participation, Human Rights and the Sustainable Development Goals – Global opportunities and challenges for IAP2

Keynote Presentation: Thinking for change
What do purpose and vulnerability have in common?

Mingle: Creating vibrant communities, building genuine neighbourhood connections & the tips to get you there

Introducing the infrastructure engagement excellence framework

Walking together: a journey of sharing, learning and building trust

Selling a Dream

Feel the burn! Managing burnout as a community engagement practitioner 

Data security and ditching the spreadsheet
Let’s Talk Local: a place-based engagement approach
Planning for future engagement techniques 

Can’t get enough

Stay tuned! More information on the 2020 IAP2 Australasia Conference will be announced in early 2020. In the meantime, for further information contact info@iap2.org.au.

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